Wednesday 5/17/23

5:29a.m. I had some weird dreams. In this one dream I was a Sherrill out west. There was this one man who was disturbing I g the peace. He was shooting off a pistol. He was also very,h very drunk. He came after me when I tried to approach him. But I subdued him and took him to jail .

I was not laying in urine half the night. Aides came in to change me at least once. When they got me up this morning  they gave me a good sponge bath and changed my briefs.  So I can’t bitch about lack of care.

So Im above the dirt and blessed with another day.

7:39a.m. I just had breakfast. I ate most of it. It was good and the coffee was hot. For some reason they have me sitting in a regular chair.  They wouldn’t go into details but they said something was wrong with my new wheelchair But so far nobody has come in to look at it. 

11:25a.m. I’m in my wheelchair and at the coffee social. I am having a good time. Talked with Chocolatechip a little while ago. She is all caught up with her laundry. She was saying her daughter Anne is coming down with some money and other things. Chocolatechip had extra expenses this month because of bb and inspection. 

I really love these coffee socials. I like getting out of my room and being around people. A lot of times I do not do very well in crowds. I guess I have a case of social phobia or something. But I believe a man should face his fears. I have tried to do this since being in this nursing.It has been getting easier and easier with each day. 

I’m going to do some reading while down here. I want to start on Chapter 16 of my book At the Highest Levels . I have eight more chapters to go. If I can read two chapters a day I will be done with this book in four days.  I already have my next book lined up. It’s a mystery by David Baldacci, Simply Lies..I’m eager to get started 

It doesn’t get much better than this. Here I am sitting at a table by myself with a cup of coffee and a book in hand. They are about ready to serve lunch. I’m sitting in my new wheelchair high and dry. Life is great.

1:51p.m. I had two pieces of pork chop and mashed potatoes with gravy, zucchini, cornbread and a cup of pears. Lunch was delicious but I  couldn’t eat it all i left soon after I ate because I needed changed. It took them awhile but I’m sitting in my wheelchair high and dry. 

They will be coming  to take me to physical therapy soon. I don’t want to go because I think it is a waste of time. They use that machine on my knee and it doesn’t to any good. Then they will urge me to exercise and use the bike. I just cannot get on that damned bike!. It causes way too much pain. I been out once today. I just want to stay in my room and read..

I chatted with Chocolatechip. Her daughter Anne stopped by. Anne brought a roll of quarters and  cleaning supplies for inspection.  Anne brought $10 in quarters. Chocolatechip said she will need more quarters for laundry so she will ask her sister Kathleen for help.

Chocolatechip never asks for financial help from family.  But she had to do extra laundry because of the bed bug situation. I said it can’t be helped sometimes. You can only do so much on a fixed income. Chocolatechip does an excellent job in managing her own money.

I hope to skip PT today I know. I’m just a lazy old fart. I just don’t see the point I guess I’ve given up on independent living or ever walking again. 

5:10p.m. They must  consider me to be a lost cause at PT.  They didn’t come for me today. I spent the afternoon reading. I finished reading Chapter 16 in my book. At the Highest Levels . I hope to continue reading after supper.  The next chapter is short so I  just might be able to read one more tonight.

I talked with Chocolatechip as well. Her daughter Theresa is going with her to Morgantown. They are going via Motivecare on the 1st. Appointment is scheduled at 8am. They will be picked up at 5:30. I’m glad someone is going with her

Well supper is here. It sucks. I’m not going to eat it They served two grilled tuna salad sandwiches and a little potato salad. The coffee isn’t all that hot either I ate the orange Sherbet. It’s a good thing I had a big lunch and I’m not too hungry.  Maybe I might have a snack later.

I had a fairly decent day today. Care left something to be desired. I had to sIt for an hour to get changed. Other than that things were good. I had a good time at the social. After I got changed I had a nice afternoon reading my book. Arthritis pain was minimal as well as sore spots. I had a minor meltdown at lunch but I was in good spirits for the most part.

6:35p.m. I just got off the phone with Chocolatechip. We had some of a sad talk. We talked about all the old ones at Overbrook Towers passing and a lot moving out. There have been several who died since I left.Chocolatechip has been there for twenty years now. I think she has been there the longest of ll the other tenants.

We were talking about OT. When we moved in mostly low income elderly lived there . It was a half way decent place. Now it seems like a lot of low life scum bags have moved in. Chocolatechip said that place sure has changed since I left and changed for the worse. She was going on about how this one couple smoke pot together. I said I bet everyone in that place smokes pot or peddle pills.

She was getting tired so we cut short our conversation. I am faced with yet another lonely night at the nursing home. I don’t mind. I always was a bit of a loner. I have my books to keep me company.

7:48p.m. I’m proud of myself because I read chapters 16 and 17 in my book At the Highest Levels by Michael Beschloss and Strobe Talbott. I am still in my wheelchair and I still feel wide awake. I’m not ready for bed yet so I will try to read another chapter. But first I want to see if I can get a pbj sandwich before bedtime.









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2 weeks ago

I’m glad you are enjoying the coffee socials.  Each time you do it makes it easier and more fun for you I’m sure.  It does a person good being with other people and not alone all the time, I think.  I know I start getting depressed if I’m alone too much.

I wouldn’t like grilled tuna salad either…don’t think I’d like warm tuna.

Are you still on a long reading streak?