Wednesday 8/3/22

4:49am I get my SS check today. I’m going to cut back on books this month. This is what I intend to buy today:

Erin Chemerinsky We the People.                                     $14.69

Akhil Reed Amar

  • America’s Unwritten Constitution.                           $14.99
  • The Words that Made Us.                                            $22.99
  • The Construction Today.                                              $12.99
  • The Bill of Rights                                                            $14.39

Ron Chernow.  Washington:A Life.                                       $25.38

Total price for these books is $91.04. Akhil Reed Amar is one of my favorite authors. I used to check his books out of the library. I read most of his stuff before But I’m looking forward to reading him again. Ron Chernow is also pretty good. I read Washington: A Life. He also wrote a biography on Alexander Hamilton and one on Ulysses Grant I read him before and I give these authors a five star Chemerinsky is a new one to me.

Well I’m above the dirt. I had a fairly good night with minimal arthritis pain. I don’t have any weird dreams or nightmares to report. I was in bed late by 11:30. My aide came in and got me in my wheelchair by 4:30. I must of slept because I feel halfway decent this morning. I could use a cup of coffee but that will have to wait until breakfast

I had a so so day yesterday I tried to read yesterday morning but was constantly interrupted. Maintenance was in my room cleaning out the a/c. Then people were coming in and out all morning. After lunch a lady came in. She took me to the barber shop for a nice haircut. Then I wheeled myself to the community room for an ice cream social. This part was fun and I enjoyed being around people.

But I had Mean Bitch for an aide. MB was in rare form. She yelled at me whenever she came into my room. One time it was for not ringing the damned call light. I couldn’t understand what she was bitching about the other two times. All I know is I’m sick of getting yelled at. I was telling this to Chocolatechip and I said im seriously thinking about filing a complaint against her. If I do I will do it today.

I finially got around to reading Empire of Liberty by Gordon S Wood after the social. I read an interesting chapter on Republican reforms. I also read about the expansion of slavery in the south. I read for a couple hours then talked with Chocolatechip. I had an ok supper talked with Chocolatechip and read till bedtime.

9:42am I am ahappy old fart this morning. I bought all the books on my list plus three more. I went way over overboard on my book budget but I still have enough for rent at nd the New York Times. I tried to pay my rent over the phone after my online shopping spree. They lady said they were having computer problems. She will come and get my card sometime today. Other than that things are going as planned.

I’m having a good day so far. I had a double portions of breakfast consisting of two cheese omelets. four slices of toast, oatmeal cereal. two coffees and a glass of oj. Breakfast was delicious and I ate it all. I talked to Chocolatechip after I ate then went to A!a on to shop for books. They must of put something in my morning meds because I feel so happy. I love shopping online, especially for books. I think shopping for books !just releases a feel good hormone in the brain or something. I don’t know I feel so happy right now.

I’m also getting great care this morning. I had an incontinence episode and a bm during breakfast. I made sure I rang the call light. I had a good aide who came right away. She cleaned me up and put me in a clean brief. I thanked her and she said NP. I did not have to put up with Mean Bitch. That alone doubled my pleasure.





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Do it Bear. MB shouldn’t do that crap. 🙁