Wednesday 9/20/23

7:09a.m  I had a so so night. Somebody turned off my oxygen machine. It might of been an accident but I can’t help thinking it was no accident I wondered why I had trouble breathing. 

I went to sleep around nine. By then my battery on !y tablet ran down. I tried reading on my Kindle but I was too sleepy to continue on. I read enough last yesterday anyway. I was just too tired to continue. This time Stephen King and Peter Straub didn’t cause me nightmares.. I slept pretty good waking up around three when Aides came in to change my briefs. 

I do not feel too sleepy this morning. I could use a cup of coffee but that will have to wait. I can read my book The Talisman while waiting for coffee and breakfast. 

9:39a.m. I had a shitty breakfast consisting of a very small roll and two eggs. At least the coffee was hot. I went back to my book The Talisman. . I’ve been reading all morning and finished three chapters already. Reading is keeping my mind off the so called accident with the oxygen machine.  

I hate to dwell on because I will jump to all kinds of crazy conclusions. I hate to think that somebody in this place hates !e enough to turn off my oxygen. But I also don’t understand why anyone would want to turn it off in the first place. In any case it is best to get lost in a good book rather than obsessing about someone trying to kill me.

I also briefly talked with Chococolatechip. She has been busy doing laundry. Chococolatechip frequently has to wash her bedding or bed bugs will lay eggs in it. So she does laundry almost every morning  She said she might head on down to the Senior Center when she finishes and go to the library. It will do her good to get away from those crazy people. I said I hope you have a good time.

It is almost time for the Coffee Social.  I’ll be heading to the Fiesta Room in thirty !minutes.  I am awake but I can always use more coffee At least I’m trying to stay awake  I do not want to be sleeping all day. I have that book to read. 

10:30a.m. I’m in the Fiesta Room. They are doing morning exercises. But soon they will be serving coffee! I can’t wait! I need a lot of caffeine to get me going. I can hardly wait for that coffee. 

2:41p.m. I had more than my share of coffee at the Social. I had three cups and a donut. Lunch was delicious. I had roast beef tips, mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli and cornbread. I also had a cup of pears for dessert. After lunch I got help and we made it back to my room. Best part was after that big meal I did not get bloated 

I also did a lot of reading at the social. The story has gotten very complicated. It is a great story though and I give this book a five star rating. I read a total of five chapters this morning. I just had to find out what happens next. I’m still on a reading streak. Today !marks the 42 day straight reading 

Anyways, I talked with Chococolatechip when I got back to my room! She did go to the Senior Center. She said she talked with a woman down there. She also had pizza for lunch. The Senior Center has an ongoing rummage sale. Chococolatechip bought a fall reef for her door. But she said she is going to hang it up on the inside door. Somebody might knock it off she said. I said that is a good idea.

I was having trouble with the faucet on my sink this morning. I could not get the water to shut off. Maintenance crew was here this afternoon right when I got back. It took them awhile but they fixed the sink.i rang the call light after they left. I didn’t have long to wait. Ma!e aide came, got me in bed and changed my briefs. I feel much better being dry and off the Hoyer 

Dr Phil is on now. It is a continuation of the story from yesterday. The pregnant woman who does drugs is back on. Chococolatechip loves to watch that show. We were talking on the phone but her show came on.  She said she will fill me in at four. I’m going to read my book in the meantime. 

5:12p.m. I did a lot of reading today. I read seven chapters in my book This book is so good I couldn’t stop reading. I came across some pretty bloody and scarry stuff. It will probably give me nightmares tonight But I don’t care I just couldn’t stop reading today. I read almost a hundred pages?

7:17p.m. I had a delicious dinner and I ate it all I can’t complain about the food. The only thing I dislike is the ham and pinto beans. The care seems to be getting a lot better as well I was just changed not too long ago and I didn’t have long to wait. Things in general seem to be looking up.

I did some !pre reading after I ate. I read a couple !ore chapters. The story is getting weirder. I am obsessed with this story. I read a total of nine chapters. I want to read more but I think I had enough for today. But then there is just one more chapter.















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September 20, 2023

I sure hope that was an accident!!!  But still bad – very careless