Wednesday 9/21/22

7:34ami had another bad night thanks to everything.. Pain level was at a five. Both legs hurt like hell. Then I had incontinence episode. Then the nightmares kept me awake. I do no know which was worse. I must have slept some because the aides came in at 6:30 to get me in my wheelchair.

Once again I felt like road kill. I ached all over, especially the shoulders. One good thing is I didn’t have long to wait for coffee and breakfast. I was served around seven.  I had a roll, scrambled eggs and hot oatmeal cereal. The two cups of coffee were nice and hot. The oj was just the thing for a very dry mouth. I felt a hundred percent  better.

I also called Chocolatechip. She was doing a lot better today. Chocolatechip apologize ogized and I accepted I said I knew you were depressed and overwlhmed. I also said with everything going wrong it is understandable. She was a hundred percent better and back to her old self. This also made me feel better.

So despite having a bad night I’m off to a good start and am going to have a great day. Life is good. 

11:56am I had physical therapy.  I did three sets of twenty in kickingd, standing, side to side, marching and foot movements. I also did arm exercises on the exercise bike for fifteen minutes. The whole workout took thirty minutes. I did pretty good I thought.

Then Darla had me do something different. She wanted to see how well I got around on the wheelchair. I had to back up then make right and left turns Then I had to use my hands and feet to get down the hall.

I thought  I was making progress in PT. I was wrong. Aides came in to change me. I am not allowed to stand up any longer. They use a hoyer to lift me onto the bed and changed me. After that it was back in the wheelchair.

I am not too upset about this development. I was scared shitless of falling whenever I did have to stand. I had a hell of a time getting in and out of bed. I think it will be a lot better using the hoyer. At least I will feel safer.

I did some reading this morning. I started to read The Republic for Which it Stands: The United States from Reconstruction to the Gelded Age. This is the next book in the Oxford History of the United States. I didn’t get very far because of too many interruptions.

I just had my lunch. I had roasted pork with mashed potatoes and gravy, zucchini, a dinner roll,lukewarm coffee and a fruit punch. Lunch was good and I ate it all Now it is back to my book

 7:17pm I did a lot of reading in the dinning room this afternoon. I am on the first chapter of The Republic for Which it Stands by Richard White. I took myoo tablet to the dinning room because my roommate was sleeping. I stayed there reading until four when I returned to my room.

I wanted to talk with Chocolatechip. I usually call her between four and five. We talked very briefly. She was baking cookies for Bingo. She said she would call me back but never did. I called her again around five? This time we had a short conversation. She claimed her daughter Anne is taking her out tomorrow to get her hair done. So she has to go to bed early. 

One thing different happened today. They put me to bed early. I didn’t want to go but the aides insisted. They helped me on to the side of the bed to I could eat supper It looks like they are going to make me go to bed early tonight. Im not sure if I like this new schedule because I am used to staying up late reaing.d

I was able to eat supper. I had a tuna melt sandwich and potatoes salad . They gave me a cup of sherbet for desert. Then I had two cups of hot coffee and a fruit punch. This was not my favorite supper but I ate it anyway. It is better than going hungry.

I read my book after supper. This is yet another good book. I’m glad I decided to continue reading the Oxford History of the United States series. 

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2 days ago

I’m glad you are enjoying your new book and that you had a good day yesterday.  I hope today, Thursday, has been a good day too.