I’m entitled to be bi-polar so Eff off

As I lay inches from SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY…I find thoughts of murdering him comforting…plots to end his life n plea insanity by emotional n verbal abuse. Do u think I would get the death penalty or could I gain the sympathy of the jurors by reasonable insanity? I find it highly annoying that he feels the need to touch me during our occupation of the bed n after his guilt hemmed him up n ratted him out on his extra curricular activities. His never ending needless lies corrupt my thoughts n irritate my soul. Our bed…Cali-King n his guilt urges him to need to Come into my space n touch me because I’m gathering its his way of apologizing for the slime bucket he is or to solidify that im not going any where…either way I don’t buy it n it makes my skin crawl at the narcissism he delivers. He can never take responsibility for his actions..that be admitting his wrongs n Lord…he’s too manly to admit he continuously Fucks up! Isn’t that what addicts do…they throw the blame to remain blameless?  I don’t need to scream..yell..hoot n holler to infect his conscience…all I need to do is remain silent n throw out sarcastic truths in a calm way…n that’s enough to eat himself inside to the bone. I luv seeing him beat himself up internally…it’s quite satisfying. I remain true to my morals n values n watch him fight his guilt knowing I’m a damn good woman he will eventually lose because of his ho-ish behavior. He has hate filled words he spits at me because he truly hates himself for the shit he does but instead of owning his shit…he shifts the blame on me. It’s ammusing because I know his tactics all to well n they have begun to turn on him because they have no power over me any longer. I’ve learned to turn it on him n use his guilt to gain my revenge. His hard words r a cover for the weak man he feels like. He spits out nonsense like…*FUCK U…U CAN LEAVE…I DON’T GIVE A FUCK* BUT 5 MINUTES LATER HIS ACTIONS ARE TRYING TO SUCK UP TO ME N HE’S SAYING SHIT LIKE…*WHEN WE MOVE INTO A HOUSE…IM GOING TO BUY U SOME NEW FURNITURE*  

Now does that sound like a confused guilt ridden man who don’t GIVE A FUCK? But bruh…stop touching me tho for real…its grinding my last nerve n I’m.about to catch a case!

Do u blame me for feeling entitled to be Bi-polar? I think not!

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