Old Fanshioned Men R Da Shit

It Blows My Whole Mind how someone can value body over mind…money over soul…sex over worth! Maybe I’m stuck in old fashioned ways or have old fashioned values but I’m in awe over seeing an older couple in line in front of me and the older gentleman not only pardoned himself because he thought he cut in front of me (He Didn’t…he was before me) but he was holding a purse (Like a man would hold a purse so not to De-masculin himself) but none the less…he was holding it. I immediately scanned the scene n Walgreens when I first walked up…so I had already put together that the older woman sitting n the corner connected to this good sir. My heart melted when he says…”IM HERE TO GET THE FLU SHOT…ME N MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE…OUR OLD BONES CAN’T TAKE THE FLU…GOTTA KEEP ME N MY MISSES HEALTHY” and he proceeded to the lady who was ready to service them and she asked the usual questions…*Birth date of you and your wife… Him: August 14, 1928

Her: July 1, 1932*

As to him saying this after he gives the birth dates…*We married in 1948…she’s my sweetie* with a proud smile on his face as his wife walked up and retrieved their cards out of her purse n in doing so out of habit she pushed her straps of her purse up her shoulder and he offered again…*DO you want me to hold your purse…its heavy. She allowed her husband to love her in his way and handed him her purse. 😍💗 

Now that’s the kind of person my 💖 desires!

Which brings me back to my original message. As like with everything that changes n life…so has this world’s standards…morals…and values! Men and women of today got all this shit twisted! 


Growing up boys grew up n became men who valued a good woman who could help him in growth…who had morals n values…and that were loyal. When men knew how to commit…who appreciates a woman for her heart n her mind. 


Does she got money and her body is banging! Does she have good pussy? 

That’s it! 



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December 7, 2018

I’d prefer old fashion over these modern day freaks who have no respect

December 11, 2018

I am the old school type also…Although I am much younger I still like the way it use to be……

December 21, 2018

So true and it’s a shame how things are now from how they use to be.