The worst battles r fought n the dead of night

Sleep evades my wide open eyes n my cluttered mind keeps the sand man confused as how to slumber my thoughts. The silence is thick in the pitch black but the noise my head makes…sounds like a marching band clanging around with symbols being slammed together over n over…it’s deafening n the deepest parts of my brain. I just emerged from reading bible parables n redeeming my peace in God’s love to being attacked by Santan’s jealousy. The dead of the night was disturbed by lies his tongue tries to tell but I don’t accept them as truths. Calmly I called him out on his dishonesty n in true form of his guilt he lashed out with hatefulness and tried to break me with his guilty anger but I just came from spending time with God n I refused to give up the peace I achieved thru God’s Word n presence to allow his deceitful words penetrate the Godly woman I’m becoming. I will not give in to the hate Satan tries to perpetuate thru Darnell’s lies n his angered filled words…his words are like air…they r spoke and n a split second they dicipate like mist on a hot day. I have no need to get into a hate war of words because silence is the best weapon…let it sit on ur mind n eat at ur conscience because the guilty always tears themselves to pieces over their wrongs…thats GOD at work making u responsible for ur actions! I have no need to rip u to pieces…instead I will pray for ur soul n forgive u for all u have done and every hateful thing u say…VENGENCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD!

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