There is Peace N moments of Truths

I am not innocent n my thoughts…N my mind I have committed Sins upon Sins. The moment I close my eyes…I run loose like a floozy. My body tingles feeling my fantasies as if they had a breath to breathe life. 

My mind races thru every dirty deed I can commit…as my fingers trace the outlines of my womanhood. The tips of my hand tingles with every fantasy my mind lives. For a moment I am free to feel the forbidden juice my inner thighs flows. To feel a strangers whispers upon my skin and never looking upon his face. To open my limbs for a sinful embrace not caring if he’s got a round chunk of gold wrapping one of the fingers he fucked me with. To never pray for forgiveness for desires my body craves.

Then…my eyes wide awake n my soul burns with shameful confessions of honest truths!

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