Issues..I got em too…

Right now my baby is on vacation with the entire extended Brazilian  friends network in Panama City…(not my most favorite place…but fun for kids!)

and i’m here at home trying to work and function when all I can think about is HER….

There is nowhere else that I would rather be than by her side….

I think one of the things we both struggle with…is the realness of what is happening to us…

I feel like I’m in a dream…can I be loved this much…is it possible…

This will sound so damn crazy…but the more of me I show her, the more she loves me…and its even worse with HER,  she shows me more and more of who she really is…and I swoon…the only downside is that the more I find my love for her the harder it is to be away from her….

I was actually thinking of dropping almost a $900.00 for a flight down just so she could sneak away for an hour or so…then fly back out..

Or better yet she calls me and says “Get Here Now…I have been disrespected”  that would be a fantasy come true…nothing I love more than a good righteous fight…show the shit-head out for his behavior,  ask for the formal apology or else..and if I’m lucky a little Jackie Chan with some old fashioned Clint Eastwood (Get OFF MY LAWN!)  mixed in…nothing can compare to the pleasure of seeing an asshole get knocked senseless..(well actually the look of adoration on the woman whose honor has been defended is certainly a serious contender)  but part of the pleasure of a good fight is the possibility of getting your ass-kicked, (happened once really bad and the guy who wrecked me actually picked me up and bought me a beer!)  the potential failure raises the stakes and makes it all the more pleasurable when there is success….

But in reality I will only fly down if I know she needs my assistance or an emergency…but if she pointed her finger..and tilted her eyes just so…I would be her veritable  tool of destruction in her capable hands..

I want to share soo much more with you..

Diamond Rings,


Wedding dresses….




But alas my time runs short!

I will share more in future posts!!


Warmest Regards!!

-Beauty for Ashes







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July 4, 2019

Hope she has a good time and you keep yourself occupied.

July 4, 2019

That’s a good kind of heartsick, being completely and maddeningly consumed by another. Sigh. I miss those days.

I hope she returns to your arms soon.