Tattoo proto-image…whats your thoughts?

i’m not a tattoo kinda guy,  in fact this tattoo has been on my mind for almost 14 years and I finally got around to it..partly because if I am going to carry something for the rest of my life then I want it to have lots of meaning…this will be surrounded with a wall of text which I am really bad at, specially after 2 cups of coffee and one diet Red-Bull and no protein my hands are literally shaking..

I can’t go into the symbolism of the image right now ..but would love to break it down..I would respectfully ask for your criticism to making it better,  I have all the original layers and the blacks and whites so its not too late to make changes..I intend to have this done in late May, total size will be close to 10×15 inches..I am going to add the second image where i photocopied it and tried to drop in the text boxes…not very happy with it…but I think the tattoo artist can make it work better..I want the text more like a ghost image…

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April 21, 2019

I love tattoos

April 23, 2019

I love that design. I’ve been reluctant to get a tattoo because it’s forever, and I change my mind often…

April 24, 2019

The drawing is gorgeous. My only critic is that lettering of the smaller text as such will fade often over time. So changing the font may be a better option to keep longevity in the overall design. I also wish there were a way to incorporate the infinity sign in the bird, but I’m not sure how.  All of that being said… it is a beautiful tattoo-to-be.