The Day I didn’t lose my Virginity but wanted to!

How I didn’t lose my virginity but wanted to…

Or  Lets talk abut the hottest barber in the whole world…

So I hate to say but I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old by accident at a party,  yeah I accidentally lost it on a dare and my brother interupted so I want a do over!  Hell yeah!  I want a do over…I want to lose my virginity like all the men in a certain small town I lived in Missouri,  in a certain small town on the Lake of the Ozarks,  to a woman whose named is Delores but everyone called her Dot.

Dot owned a hair salon,  and she had been cutting hair in this hair salon a very long time.  I was 12 when my step dad took me to see her,  and he kinda smiled,  when he said “we are going to Dot’s place”  get the boys a hair cut (my twin brother came along for haircuts that whole thing ya know)

Dot was of an indeterminate age but looking back I would guess she was in her early 40’s when I first visited her but she dressed like she was in her 20’s,  in that dismal mid-western, corn-fed meat and potatoes town,  she was like some kind of exotic bird in a park full of pigeons,  she was hot!!  She wore flamboyant clothes,  picture like a gypsy teleported into the future,  or a pirates wife,  she wore to0 much makeup but she wore it well,  she smoked but it didn’t make her smell bad because when she smoked she made love to the cigarette,  and even the smoke and ashes looked satisfied.

When I slipped into the barber chair she would do the usual barber routine,  cover thing for your lap,  paper thing around you neck,  but everyy move, OH GOLLY!! her hands would linger on your neck, her bright red nails,  tracing indescribalbe trails of pleasure on your skin,  her scent,   was the scent of the garden of eden behind the blades of guardian angels,  mmmmhmmmmmmmmmm,  opium,  and poppy and vanilla and some other scent which looking back I now know is the scent of WOMAN…..YowwwW!!!!!!!!  The scent of a woman,  is now that i’m older,  is both indescribable but also undeniable…

She would move around you like a private dancer,  and put a hand here on your knee for balance,  or touch your shoulder,  Her breasts were huge,  and would sway,  ripe and full,  and she would brush you with them and on occasion rest them on your shoulder or arm.

The best would be when she would work on your bangs because she would lean into the barber chair and put knee right between your legs on the front of the chair.  Oh man oh man.  I LOVED GETTING MY HAIR CUT!!

When she gave you a haircut it was like this long private dance,  this strange interaction that only you and her existed,  she would make small talk,  ask you little questions and you felt that you were the only man in the universe and that what you had to say was the most important thing ever.  I got an erection everytime she cut my hair,  and would hastily adjust myself at the end,  when you slipped out of the chair she would give you this look like the most important man in the world was leaving her,  (Mind you  I am fucking twelve,  but man enough to know that I am a man)

When school started that fall I turned 13  I found out through the small-town Man-network that what really happens is that when Dot felt you were ready,  she would let you be the last customer for the day and she would “make you a man”


I loved her cutting my hair,  and I was faithful,  I wanted to show her that I was ready to be a man!!  I was ready at 13!!!  woot!!

12 haircuts later,  I was still getting the afternoon haircuts, no hint of the early evening haircuts,  dammit Dot!!  My body was changing my voice was changing,  I would start wearing my tight jeans and see if she noticed any new packaging,

My 14th birthday rolled around,  and I knew I was close,  I was the manliest boy you ever saw,  had been working a real job,  I had muscles and an ass,  yup,  this was it!!  Still just the tease,  what was she waiting for?  I had been toting stacks of ice all summer,  look at that ass!!

The fall of my 15th birthday,  I stopped trying to cover my erections,  I would pop out of the chair and be like “TAAAA DAA!!!!”  I would sit in positions so that my bulge was in the way of her movements,  if she rested a boob on my shoulder I would take that second to brush hair out of my eyes to touch them briefly,  (yeah I did it,  mmmhmmmm)  I would stare unashamedly, when she cut my bangs I would try to stare into her eyes,  pleading for her to acknowledge my burning desires…..

The last haircut she ever gave me,  when she was done  I stood up and she looked my up and down, erection and all,  and I knew,  I fricken knew this was the time, it took me 3 years to wear her down,  but finally oh finally!!  She gave a little smirk and said,  “I see with football season your gonna be practicing late, you’re gonna have to have your dad drop you off for a late appointment or walk up on a saturday”


My family moved the next week to New Fuckin Jersey……I never saw Dot again in my life…..but she still impacted my life….

when I get a shampoo with a female stylist I get turned on,  a breast rested on my shoulder is satisfying and nourishing,  the sound of an electric razor is erotic to me,  and I am attracted to trashily dressed older women. ……..

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April 19, 2019

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