12 weeks.

Just recapping.. 

In the past 12 weeks I have… 

*started nursing school
*completed my first semester in 7 weeks with a 4.0
*spent 4 clinical days a the VA, 2 at Children’s hospital, 2 at a camp for kids with special needs, and 2 on an ob floor (6 more of those to come)
*saw a laproscopic hysterectomy and a circumcision
*saw a body transfer in the morgue
*Was a bridesmaid in a wedding
*Attended a wedding
*took the kids to fantasy island and the city pool
*saw a movie
*went to the beach
*visited family
*took the girls to camp (4+ hours of driving in a day)
*Threw a bridal shower.. (in conjuction with the other amazing bridesmaid)

now i have 2 weeks left until the end of semester 2..  (don’t think i’ll have quite a 4.0, but it will still be very good)..  and then i’m the maid of honor(matron?) in another wedding the day after school ends…  

this has been a busy and gratifying summer… but no wonder i am tired!!! lol.

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August 5, 2013

Wow, you’re doing awesome! 😀

August 6, 2013

Keep at it!