Anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head, and i’m feeling terribly unsettled daily.

The root?  

The housing crisis of course..  

We saw an amazing house on Thursday evening..  like PERFECT..

and filled out the rental application..

and…. nada.  

it’s Sunday.  at 8am. 

I know it’s probably too early to panic, but i have no idea what kind of reference our bitchtastic landlord is going to give us.  (of course the rental application asked for her name and number…. ;( )

I"m soooo worried because i want that house so dang bad it is ridiculous..  

Even more, I want this situation to be resolved.  

And if i can actually be excited instead of upset about moving??  Amazing.  lol.

So i wait. 

And worry, since apparently that’s what I do, even though this is completely out of my hands right now. sigh.

I really just wish she would call either way so i can move on from this and not be stuck in a state of anxiety and nervousness.

Ok, time to go relax with a cup of coffee and try to put it out of my head.


In other news…

  • Maya’s BFF is coming over, maybe sleeping over??, today.  I think i’ll take them to Fantasy Island (  ) , since 71 degrees isn’t hot enough for the beach 🙁 and today is the last day to "bring an extra person free" with your season pass until September.  
  • Two questions got thrown out from the last final I took… giving me a grade of 101%.. holy heck! 😀  Chuck says i’m a nerd.. lol
  • my house is messy, need to pick it up.
  • i love my dog, even though he’s a little shit, and do NOT***  (ha left that out earlier.. the NOT part)  want to get rid of him for this move…  ughhhh.. perfect house lady calllll meeee!  (oh sorry.. see, can’t let it go.. sigh)
  • i am going to go write my reflection from my surgical rotation I did Thursday/Friday this week..  i’ll post it here when i’m done.  Let’s just say a job as on OR nurse would be freakin’ amazing!  and how lucky am I that i get to pursue something so amazing right now!!  I am sooooo fortunate and blessed!! 
  • ^^ thinking about that makes the anxiety go away.. 
  • I get to do a clincial rotation at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo next weekend… Sat/Sun 7a-7p  
  • It’s going to be 80+ degrees next weekend and i would love to go to the beach and do the clinical on a different day… but iiwii.. hoping it will be amazing.

ok..i’m off to get that coffee and write that reflection..  

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

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July 1, 2013

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