pics.. and a dilemma..

Yes, I am turning into an insomniac.  Ah well, since it honestly doesn’t matter that much if i’m tired to get through my lazy summer days around here, it is alright for the moment.  It will NOT be cool once the girls start school though.. so hopefully it’s a temporary thing and my body is doing this to me because it can. 

It’s weird though, I kind of don’t want to sleep.  i want to get things done…  think of how much more we could do if we didn’t have to sleep so much?  ok i’m officially losing my mind, because friends, I do like me some sleep…

alrighty, on to other stuff….

I know that i’ve shared a few things here about my Mom and current love Mike (the one that lives outside of Nashville, TN).  Well they are in loooove.. lol.. and actually plan to marry soon as well.   It is not set in stone yet, but their current plan is to take a cruise over Valentine’s week and have the ship’s captain marry them on Valentine’s Day. 

Here’s a pic of them at my cousin’s wedding…

Yes, that is my mom. she’s pretty hot for a 51 year old!  hopefully I have THOSE genes! lol

Anyway, so there they are.  It’s kind of weird to me, the whole "step-parent" concept.  Although I know that since i’m in my thirties, it honestly doesn’t really matter whether or not I have a new step-father, but it’s just too weird. oh and he comes with 3 daughters (new stepsisters) and 3 grandchildren (stepneices and nephews??).  Yeah, it’s just all somewhat mindboggling.. I don’t think I will ever really consider them my "family" but I don’t mind getting to know them a bit.  I was lucky enough to meet mike’s daughters in Nashville and we all got along well enough..

So.. well… that’s that i guess.

oh i have another issue, but first i’ll add a few more pics from my cousin’s wedding a couple weeks ago..
Charles amd me!!  Love him =)  (tho not our most flattering angle.. )
my grandparents. how adorable are they??
my cousin and her dad..
just posted to show my man shaking his groove thing!  he is such a good dancer and so fun!! I really can’t wait until our wedding!!!!!

ok, so my other issue is going to be held off until next time.. but remember the following things…
*mom marrying Mike before my wedding
*dad can’t handle us even mentioning my mom’s name.. ugh.
*would like my father to be at my wedding, not sure if it will be a good idea…

so if anyone wants to comment on the "bulleted dilemma" above, please do, and i’ll be back to ramble out my thoughts on it all tomorrow.. or later today i guess since it is now 230 am.. eek!

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August 19, 2010

Can you talk to your dad and try to get him to put aside his differences with his mom just for one day so he can be at your wedding and walk you down the aisle (assuming that’s what you want)? I mean, he is a grown man, divorced parents come together all the time for their children’s weddings, he should respect your desires, you aren’t asking for anything radical.

August 19, 2010

Nice pictures =o)))

August 19, 2010

I’m with the first noter. I’d tell my dad that the day is extremely important to me, as is having both my parents there, and I would appreciate if he could let go of his anger/unhappiness for one day so we could celebrate my marriage and I wouldn’t have to worry about him and mom being in the same room together. And, failing that, he may lose his invite, something I don’t want to do.

August 19, 2010

^Ditto BNL. Your dad needs to, ahem, be a man about it and grow up. I’m not sure the history, but your wedding day is about YOU and CHARLES, not your mom and dad.

August 20, 2010

Your mom is HOT…and you look so much like her.