So exciting news first, craptastic later…

My last final for the first summer session was today.  After figuring out the grade i needed to get an A in the class, and factoring in the time i spent studying, I wasn’t sure it was possible…

Well it was. 😉  the test was 112 questions long…  I got 111 right !!!!   so i got a 99.2 on my final exam.  


Unless something goes drastically wrong with the last grade i’m waiting for in my one class. …

I got a 4.0 in my first semester of nursing school!!!


The house situation.

The landlord that hasn’t stepped foot in this house since we rented it in May 2010, was over today with a realtor.  

She’s going to try for a short sale.  

Meaning we really need to move.  

I’m freaking out again..  not sure what we are going to do.  

It’s looking like the townhouses i mentioned in a previous entry.  I think we are going to fill out the rental application and see what happens.  

Please send postive thoughts, prayers, etc. for us to find a great place…..

or even just get approved at the townhouses.  

I am so sad over losing this house.  We have been here a long time and it’s home to me.  but there isn’t anything i can do and i’m sure the new place (where ever it may be) will feel that way too after a little while.  (Though, admittedly, this process would be much easier on my heart if I could find somewhere i could get excited about living)

However, i do, in fact, believe that things ALL happen for a reason.. even the bad things..  

so this should all work out in the end..   (i hope.)

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June 26, 2013

It will. It’s hard to have faith when we can’t see the end result but it will happen.