New Year, New Decade, A Fresh New Start

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This is the 004  Day of 2010

Right so I’ve spent a huge chunck of the evening fooling around with my open diary.  I’ve been awfully negectful of it lately thanks in part to Facebook.  But I’ve been on here sence August of 2003 and despite FaceBook and BlogSpot being there and blogspot havin the ability to be posted on via marsedit, a Mac blogging program, Ya tend to go back to what you know best.  And so here I am.

I finally figured out how to make tags for my entries.  I’ve put all but my 2009 year in review on private and am starting fresh.  I was going good too. I sorted out a problem I had with photobucket, fixed the entries, fixed the front page and am all ready to go but I can’t for the life of me figure out chapters, namely how to set them up.  I could either A. Be stupid, or B. missing something tucked away in a pull down menu or a link lost in a sea of links somewhere on the page. 

Oh well I’d like to get it sorted, but if I don’t then so be it.  I’ve got on the past seven years without chapters.

I haven’t posted anything here in so long because nothing postworthy has really gone on.  Same old same old. Girls’ mom being awfully annoying, Skye and Benjie growing like weads.  Right now Skye is in her room chattering away to who knows what. I think she’s playing at being me because she says a question or that is what her chatter suggests and then she’s say "I did it!" or "Good jo!" Like I’m always doing or her.

She switches off to some bad tempered nonsense and crys a bit too.  She does not like sleeping at night and tonight is even more frustrating for her as we’ve installed a baby gate in her door to keep her in but allow heat to also go in.  If you shut the toddlers’ room door it is freezing despite a suposed to be working floor vent.  I don’t know if it is functioning properly or not, my guess is is not as half of everything else, toilets, windows, outside doors, screens, and the like are not.

This place is so drafty and cold in places that Skye and Benjie both have ongoing colds, thus we’ve got a gate for the door to let the cold air out and keep Skye in. Benjie isn’t an excape risk as he is still in a crib. Skye however has managed to outsmart every child proofing device known to man. And I’m sure it is only a matter of time before she’s dragging a something to stand on over to the gate and attempt a run for it.

There is one slight development with the girls’ mom. She now calls my phone and when I don’t answer she leves rude stupid messages for me and Larry says he isn’t going to do anything about it as it will do no good, she won’t listen. And if I go of on her, which I might, it will be between us, me and Amy.

I’m not very happy about this and with all due respect think Larry is in fact a bit of a pussy.  He is letting someone speak disrespectfully to me and not saying anything about it. However, he said if it were anyone else, anyone not so stunningly oneminded and hard headed, he’d say something.  I just wish I didn’t have to get VMs filled with a lot of bitchy bossing.

I also wish I could get the VMs off my phone and into some vide er I mean audio format like that guy who had that psych ex-girlfriend blog with all the recordings.  I heard that turned out to be fake…  Well? Damn.

We move in just under seven months.  At first I was all full speed ahead about it but now I’m getting nerves. and maybe slight doubts because Autumn is not pleased at all that she will most likely do her last year of Jr. High at a new school.

To be honest she isn’t doing very well at this school and the special educational services don’t seem to be helping her properly so maybe a change is for the best.

She’s also mad that the babies have taken over her old room and tht Kenzie has a room but she doesn’t.  I feel for her but what can you do?  

Now she is wanting to move with us to Wichita and I don’t see this happening as her mom will say no.  Kenzie however says after her birthday next month she is going to move in here with us and then to Wichita with us at the summer.  She’s had enough of her mom I guess and would rather be with us.  She’s more than welcome as is Autumn. We will see how it all works out.

Autumn is also mad Skye has claimed everything. Skye has a chair she likes sittin in and there is a rule when Autumn is on the computer Skye and Benjie get t watch their preschool TV and shows like JackASS and movies like hang over are not allowed when the toddlers are up.

We got in a bit of a disagreement tother day when she wanted to watch hangover while the toddlers were up.  Straight off it stared out with the eff word and I told her to change it she was not watching it while Skye and Benjie are up and she got all in a snit about it. Too bad.

It does seem like Autumn is getting the crap end of the stick but Larry says that’s life. Autumn wants her own room down in Wichita and Larry said he isn’t getting a room that is only going to be used 1/3 of the year.  Besides that Kenzie, if she moves will not have a room.  I don’t know where this is all going to end up. But I do feel for Autumn Life just isn’t fair sometimes and that sucks.

My Uncle Pat said he’d be willing to sale us Granny Ricket’s house he now owns and lives in for 30,000. Right now it is a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Aprazed, I think Larry said at about 60,000.  Our problem is Larry can’t get a loan for that small amount and he can’t get a loan for 50,000 because his credit score is just uner what the limit is.  We’re trying though.  If we get it we are turning the garage into a master bedroom and sticking on another bathroom maybe If we don’t get the house there are several apartments near my parents’ house that are very nice so I’m sure we’ll end up someplace.

The main thing is that we are moving. Larry’s doing it to help me, make me happy because I am so lonely and alone out here it is sometimes hard to function. And there might be times I need help but he won’t be around to help because he’ll be at work.  Like the time back in early October Benjie was sick and needed to go to hospital.  He was fine but  would of felt better if I had a way of tking him and Skye. Also my dad is in end stage kidney failure, or something, he isn’t doing well and the toddlers need to be near their amily.  Larry has not much family here and really there is nothing holding him here, the girls he says are old enough to come visit us and he wants a change of pace. Plus it isn’t as stupid expensive to live in Wichita.  I hope we find a good place and my having a social life and being near my friends again will do much to improve my mood and how I cope with things.


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