How Picky am I?

Saw this on another users post. Figure why not?

How picky are you? This should be fun!

Green Tea – love it
Miracle Whip – nope
Pickles- yup
Cilantro – yup
Black Jelly Beans – No
Pineapple Pizza – ewww
Sardines – No
Crab – yup
Oysters  nope
Sushi – please! Yes!
Candy Corn – no
Raisins – No
Vienna Sausages – Never had them
Yams – yup
Beets – Ugh no.
Brussels Sprouts- Never had them
Asparagus – No
Mushrooms- yes
Liver – no
Circus Peanuts – No
Bologna – yup
Yogurt – Yes
Black Olives – NO! NEVER PUKE!
Green Olives – NO! NEVER PUKE!
Blue Cheese – yup
Cabbage- Yes
Gizzards- No
Potato Salad- Yes
Oatmeal – Yes
Eggnog – no
Watermelon – Yes
Black Coffee – yup
Anchovies – No
Grits – nope
Sauerkraut – nope

Let’s see who is picky.

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November 27, 2019

Grits and sauerkraut are repulsive the way they’re served so that the general public can taste them, like in diners or delis or raw sauerkraut on hotdogs. Grits are DELICIOUS when made by a Southern grandma. You have to use bacon grease, butter, salt, and pepper. It’s even better with a slice of crispy bacon crumbled up and mixed in.  As for sauerkraut, only every recipe from every household is different. I’m part German. Bavarian. My grandma would fry the sauerkraut in butter with onion and caraway seeds. It’s delicious with pork. Sometimes I cook a sliced tart apple with it. Mmmm.

November 27, 2019

@scarletibis call me a bad german i just cannot with the sauerkraut

November 27, 2019

Oh boy, pickles have been a hot topic on my diary. I am not a fan. There have been some battles over pickles.

November 27, 2019

@heffay lol pickles are the bomb. i will eat yours lol