I haven’t posted in a while.  Its been a rough few months. Blah Blah COVID…but thats not it. During the insane garbage that has been going on I lost my dog Sparky. He was my 16 year old beagle. Some may say he is just a dog, they can F*** right off. He saved my life. After my divorce I was alone. I had moved with my husband to live closer to his family, all my friends and family lived 1000 miles away, the friends i had there were his. So when i made the decision to leave, i had no one. I was depressed and though a lot about killing myself. Actually I almost did but sparky jumped up on my bed and put his head in my lap. Then i had a moment of clarity. Who would take care of him if i was gone? No one that is who. He was 11 and had some health issues. No one would take him. I promised him that i would take care of him until his last breath, and that I would be there. April 9th was the hardest day. He had been having more and more pain over his last few weeks. He was having seizures. It just got so bad I had a choice to make. I called a wonderful company that came to my house. Sparky passed away on our couch in my arms. I am grateful  for that. But i miss my boy

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