days in a grand plaza

there are certainly things back home i’m missing already. but i’m also thinking about the life i want to craft abroad.


i want to learn about european food. take a class at cordon bleu, go on a food tour. stock up on spanish wine. make real pasta. fix myself breakfast lattes. eat well. sit at a restaurant with my aviator sunglasses, sipping wine and watching the world go by.

shoot the evening sky with a telescope and new camera equipment [[better get a thermos for that hot cocoa]]. head to weekend farmers markets for fresh flowers and produce. get lost wandering the city, and then finding my way back to my casually decorated apartment, fitted with bright colors and potted plants. maybe find some space for a home gym. meditate. and maybe find an artsy side-hustle.

i’ve decided i’m going to wind down the high hustle.┬ámy life has turned into this amalgamation of business and routine. so i’ve become this dull, boring, worker bee. and what’s worse is i’ve brought that attitude into my relationship. so two more weeks of school and i’m taking a long break.

the timing is great – quarantine is over, i am going back to a regularly scheduled life. 9-5 hour days, free evenings. it’s a chance to focus on the art of doing nothing. it will be a challenge to reverse the mindset, but balance is what’s best for me.

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