the baltics & scandanavia

in search of my mojo, i thought reading up on some travel destinations would help.

that being said, we are are not allowed to go to russia. and that being said, funny how things change when you can’t have it.

i did some research and found this perfect itinerary. 9 days, 6 countries (including finland, sweden, and estonia). short train ride to/from the copenhagen port. debarking practically every day (i’d never make it in the navy). and rooms for solo travelers – which is unheard of to me – at a solo rate.

as mochabear puts the faintest bit of light in my heart, i want to take him on this cruise as a thank you – for dealing with all the things i cannot. for being my rock in hard times. for putting up with my shit. for sticking up for me. my long hours at work. and long hours in school. i’ll take him wherever he wants to go. i don’t know when i’ll be able to see him again.

i just remember the loveliness of a cruise – getting dolled up. wearing fancy clothes to a fancy dinner. getting a bit tipsy off port wine. flirting. feeling dazzled. and the shoes.


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