Broken little girl 1

There is a little girl who is broken. She sends me text messages because she needs someone to reach out to.

She was my sons first ‘girlfriend” and I hated that his heart went out because he is a hero. He is a nurturer. He saw her pain and tried to lift her spirit, but he is just a boy and she…

She is such a mess…

She “broke up with him” because their relationship just wasn’t working out. What she didn’t understand, and im afraid she never will is that they are both too young to understand what a relationship is.

We talked about things being over between them but not why or how. I don’t tell him that she sends me messages because he doesn’t need to know.

She needs a stable adult in her life but doesn’t have one. I cant be it. We cant be it.

She is going to be shipped off to another group home soon. Through no fault of her own she has been tossed around between strangers and professional guardians. I wish it could be different for her and I don’t know how to help.


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