Covid Sucks but its not Covid

How does a hospital function in this day and age without electronic documentation?

Mom was in a home accident and broke her back. After staying in the hospital she was released with a handwritten medication list directing her to the pharmacy indicating a pain prescription was sent electronically.

Nothing was received by the pharmacy. The hospital staff insisted it was sent. The pharmacy insisted they had nothing. Back and forth every 2 hours since our first trip to the pharmacy.

Fucking communication people! Talk to each other and figure this shit out.

Call text email the nurses are sweet but each time I call they need to search for the chart and call me back because there is no electronic record of her visit… But they show a prescription was sent out electronically 24 hours ago… How does this happen? How could a prescription be sent electronically if there is no electronic record of her being there?

They had no problem with taking her copay and deductible though.

Covid sucks but it’s no excuse for shoddy record keeping. The system is broken!

Going on 17 hours without pain meds.

What would you do if this was your mother?

We’ll make it through but this is rediculous.

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January 14, 2022

wow!  but that has happened to me before too… docs nurse forgot to send them


January 14, 2022