A blank page…

and nothing pressing to write about–at least nothing that comes to the front of my brain at the moment.

I AM a little excited, tho, about getting this spare bedroom situated so that i have a SPACE to call my own…where i NEVER have to listen to freakin CNN and Wolf asking stupid questions for everyone to bat around and never come to any kind of conclusion.  It makes me crazy after awhile!  And Clif could leave it on that channel 24/7.  Blech!!

Also, we’re only a week away from leaving for Ohio!  It’s a long drive but i feel incredibly blessed that my parents are still there.  In fact, still in the house they moved into when i was four. 


Last year Clif and i did a bunch of porch settin’ with Mom & Dad.  We watched squirrels, different kinds of birds, a rabbit, a chipmunk and whatever else came into view  .Clif got a lesson from my dad about how to properly "whack a mole".  Dad’s the neighborhood king.  I know–it sounds silly, but those things can destroy a yard.  So while the neighbors are at work,Dad’s measured it down to a science.  It’s so cute!!  The neighbors are grateful and Dad feels useful.

The most important thing, tho, is after you whack em on the head with a shovel, be sure to put the mole into a plastic baggie and stick it in the freezer until trash day.  Because sometimes they’re not really dead–only stunned…

Ok, not sure how i got off on that tangent!  But, i’m off to gather more things to get rid of.

Blessed be!

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July 3, 2010

Your mama just found out that there is already a mole in the freezer and she hadn’t been told. I have the new mole solution. just shoot ’em and leave ’em in the hole for their buddies to small dead moleasses. See ya when you get home.