Back on Track

Good morning, sunshines!  Yep, it’s me, back from the dark of tobacco addiction.  It’s actually getting easier all the time and i honestly never thought i’d get to the point to be able to say that!

And along with my emotions evening out, Clif and i are getting along oh sooooo much better…imagine that!

I seriously didn’t know how much it was affecting us both.  I was researching to see if two, three months later i should still be feeling anxious and depressed about it.  I mean, come on!  There’s got to be a point where i can’t be using that as a crutch any more!!

And maybe we’re there.  And maybe i understand a little better now why i’ve heard so many times that tobacco is as addicting as herion.  I felt like i’d lost my best friend–and that my best friend (Clif) was actually trying to make life harder on me for reasons i couldn’t fathom.

Turns out he was just going through withdrawl, too.  But i think we can now say that we’ve ended the cycle of a combined 70 years of smoking…WOW!!!  To anybody out there who’s trying to give it up…hang in there!!  Do whatever makes you feel better when the desire to smoke takes oveer your whole existance…because it WILL get better!!

We’ve bought a lot to build on–YAY!!  We’ve been going for walks every evening and it’s so nice to take some time out to unwind and laugh together and remember why we married each other in the first place!

I should get to work–Bailey and Chan are coming to spend the night tonight–YIPEEEE!!!  We went to Chan’s soccer game last night and out to eat afterwards and the kids kept us laughing…i’ve missed that!!

Ok laundry-mopping-vacuming-dusting–here i come!

And to my dear friends who always let me vent and support me even during melt downs..Blessed Be!!!

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April 26, 2010

Good to see you back!!!

April 26, 2010

Just realized you were one of my very first readers of my diary, almost 9 years ago. wow!

June 13, 2010

Oh, wow, Blessed, I kicked the nico-demon’s butt a few years ago and it IS tough. I still miss it at times, but I’m so glad I’m free of it. RYN: I think U.S. 41 is just a big circle around the globe. LOL! Thanks for the encouragement. **HUGS**