WOW…I worked so hard getting into my account, that I forgot what was so pressing that I wanted to WRITE!

Apparently, one of the most influential people in me wanting to write as a teenager, my Creative Writing teacher from HS, is now my friend on FB.  😎 We haven’t communicated in ages, so it’s cool.

I was watching a video by this guy who blogs on (and has) bipolar.  He was talking about the un-normalacy of everything.  Which bipolar personality is going to wake up today?  Will it be the one who can hardly drag out of bed and to the couch and it takes all of everything i can muster to BE.  To breathe.  Or will it be the me who meanders from here to there all day around the house, not really accomplishing a thing, just agitated.  Just here.  OR…will it be the one who looks at the list I’ve collected of to do’s and says, “Ok!  Not a problem!” and zooms thru the list and then some.

I just wish for normalcy.

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