In Peaces

You don’t need to be a hippy to advocate peace
You just have to be human
You don’t have to be left wing or liberal
To want everyone to just get on
It doesn’t matter of what faith you are
We all bleed the same
And there’s been quite enough of that shed
In all of our names
We concentrate on what divides
Rather than what unites
Why does every disagreement
Always seem to turn into a fight
I guess it’s the only thing both sides can agree on
From embassy killings, Israel-Palestine, Syria and Lebanon
Bullet matches bullet, fatality against fatality
Another fanatical funeral cortege, another fuck you to the enemy
Failing to see that what damages one side, damages the other
Families torn apart, losing a son, father or brother
I guess that theres only one thing for it
Let’s all fight to the death
Because it seems that the only way to get peace
Will be when there’s nobody at all left.

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