If I could bottle your spirit
Then gin would have some competition
They’d be speaking freely in the speakeasies
During the era of prohibition
You go out dancing
And come back turning heads
With 100 plucky suitors
Offering you their bed
I wonder if you know
Quite the effect you have
That you render menfolk speechless
Even those with the gift of the gab
Turn the intellectuals
Into babbling fools
Make a nation of know nothings
From the know it alls
If I could bottle your spirit
Then I could never bring myself to
Because you can’t be caged or contained
I wouldn’t want to be the man who
Clipped your wings in full flight
The man you’d then resent
For the rest of your whole life
I wouldn’t want you tamed
Tied up and chained
So let your spirit fly free
Let it fly away
From me
And that way you will be happy

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