The Dark, Stark Light Of Night

I’ll sit in darkness

The room lit by the flashing light of the phone

Don’t want to play the voicemail

Don’t want to hear your dialling tone


And the cars drive by outside

The whistle of air as they speed past

The spotlights of the headlights

Interrogate the pavements as they pass.


It’s midnight now and the streetlights go off

It can always get darker

The bottomless hole ever more bottomless

The dark light of night ever starker


I won’t find the answers tonight

Certainly not here

But if I can’t see anything, doesn’t that include myself?

Aren’t I wishing for me to disappear?


My enemy is the break of day

For the last one left me broken

I guess it gave me fair warning

But I still feel cheated by the same token


I need to summon the strength

Well it is the witching hour

In the dark, stark light of night

I will try and regain my power

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