The Sun In Miniature

I love the sense of ending
It’s the only reason why I start
To get to the finish line
To be torn asunder and apart
But the feeling of loss
Like losing a coin toss
Is like losing a heart
I heard the summer wind howl
As if it was growing cold
As if Autumn had come along
And made fun of it for growing old
The end will come to us all, in the end
So don’t be a stranger, my friend
Before death takes its toll, it’s inevitable.
The candles will flare, flame, flicker and burn out
A demonstration of the sun in miniature
When the life is draining out of me
Will you take my temperature?
And if I’m getting to the end and I’m too cold
Then I’ve lived too long and have become too old
So it would be best for you to end it here
Because if you can sense an ending
Then you would be doing me a kindness
I will follow the light
Into death, into whiteness
Would you help me on my way
Bid farewell on that fateful day
On a life, long, languorous and lived?

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