Will I ever be the one?

I didn’t think I was going to end up writing this weekend. My son, my boyfriend, and I went up north to a campsite with my boyfriends entire family. Extended too. Although my son did act up and disappear a few times, everything was going pretty good. My boyfriend and I have been getting along great. He even went to bed with me last night instead of staying up late with the guys.
Well, things changed real quick. As more family began to gather for the evening festivities, the one in the family arrived. Every family has one, I may even be the one in my family. That family me never that says what it is and doesn’t give a damn who feels uncomfortable.
“I don’t have to remember your name, you won’t be here next time”
I understand my boyfriend has a history of multiple relationships back to back but don’t you think you wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. I would think his family would want him to change instead of making the girlfriend feel like shit. I told him what she said. His reaction was “oh ya she’s a bitch. shrug it off. she said the same thing to nahkeeta.” Well genius NAHKEETA IS GONE!
So we get back from the store (where I told him) and sure as shit with me sitting 10 feet away he starts talking about it with her. SERIOUSLY FUCKING SERIOUSLY
I just walked away. I finished packing up my stuff and loaded it in the truck. I’m just over it. I’m ready to go home.
My relationship is not a joke. I am not a joke. My fucking feelings are not a joke.



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