Hey hon,

This has to be semi-short as I am at work. I wanted to start sending you some pictures, and I DID get your letter, and I still need to respond to that. Life has been completely nuts lately.

But, I went to see k.d. on the 25th Ingenue tour last Tuesday (saw her last year in August in British Columbia, on this tour, too) – bought Meet & Greet tix as I’ve never officially really met her before, so figured after 31 years, it was about time. So, that happened and I sent you the pic. Out of ALL the pics taken, mine is the most natural one done (of the group – we got a link to see them ALL). It’s funny, as people on-line are commenting about it, too (fans who’ve met her, etc.) – it’s very cool. One person said we look like sisters, and we kind of do…it’s true. LOL It was a pleasure to meet her, and she lit up when I approached. I think it’s her energy and mine – it felt so natural and comfortable, like I was meeting up with a very old friend I hadn’t seen in decades. Hmmmm…

The other picture I’m sending (and I’m picking out pictures to send you with letters so you will not get bombarded all at once and will have something to look forward to) is of Marie and I in Senegal (Dakar – at a hotel). That was my last week with her, before returning to the states. I stayed in Gambia for 8 weeks, and then we went to Dakar for the last week to have like a mini-vacation away from people. Her friend (and ex), BeBe came by a couple of times, which was cool, but for the most part we were on our own for 7 days and it was glorious.

So…now I’m heading to Ghana NEXT MONTH. I just got this planned out last weekend. I am insane. We need a second visit in before she gets (hopefully) an interview for a Fiance Visa – so we can show that we’re serious. I mean, you look at our pictures and you can tell we’re serious, but just in case.

I’m actually excited about this picture/letter thing as I’ll get to tell you stories about my trip. I haven’t told much of anything to anyone about this trip, and there’s so much, so maybe I should write this stuff down and journal my letters to you. Actually, that’s a GREAT idea. 😀 LOL I had such an amazing time, and felt so at home in Gambia. Africa in general was just…so different. It’s such a step back in time in some ways, it was crazy, but so nourishing, too.

Your letter, by the way, I found so interesting to read. Things you miss, I never thought about – like, I didn’t think about the fact you can’t see stars…man. I’ll see what I can send in pictures for you. Also, I have some other ideas. Out of words – LOVE YOU!!! -Tracy

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