Letter 3

So, let’s see. I’ve been working on taxes (getting 2017 wrapped up), which has been a small nightmare. I just got QuickBooks set up so that my Accountant can now handle things easier. It took a bit of time. We did over $400/k in sales last year (this year we are set to be down by about 1/3rd, but the Euro and other factors are playing a huge role). I have 2 employees (Chris, I think you may have known I brought her back out here? She moved to MN, and moved back last year with the girlfriend in tow – who, by the way, HATES me – what is it with girlfriends being so unsettled by my presence?), and Aly, which is Roni’s girlfriend of nearly 14 years. Biz is not doing bad, just not as good as it should be, so I’m working on that.

We are still waiting to hear about Marie’s Fiance Visa application status. That’s hard to wait for. Then, if we get approved for her to go to Senegal to the Embassy to have an interview, I have to send over back-up evidence of our relationship, and proof. This includes over 100 pictures (which I’ve already taken to her), plus new pictures, plus over 1,000 pages of text messages, plus proof of phone calls (thank goodness for Facebook Messenger as it logs all of that stuff, when we voice or video call). Plus records of us traveling to see each other, and I’ll probably have to send over bank records showing that I can support her. Being that I’m in business for myself, it’s not as easy to prove, though I think the pay I’m receiving now via Payroll will suffice, I still would rather be doubly safe, you know? She will also have to go through medical testing to make sure she’s physically healthy to travel, etc. – then, IF she gets approved, we get to move her over here. It’s a chore, truly, but I want to be with her, regardless. If she doesn’t get approved, then I’ll be looking at spending part of my time in The Gambia.

We just bought property over there. It’s got nothing on it, and we are completing the building of the fence (i.e. – high concrete wall with a gate). We can put in a very small 1/1 in the back for about $10,000 – and a nice, 3br/3.5ba with everything as good as it gets? Under $90/k. Not that we’ll be building the latter for awhile, but that is so cheap compared to America! Mind you, people over there get paid practically nothing. That’s why everyone lives in compounds together, as a family unit, or has people living in other countries to send home money, as it’s very poor there. But, the people are incredible, truly. I have a new family there, and it makes me so happy!

Okay, going to send this one and then send letter #4.

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