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It is funny how cats will latch on to items and territory to claim as their own. Returning home from Atlanta I left the old blanket which I used to wrap the music box on the floor in the front room. It did not take Holly long to curl up and take a nap in the soft material.

Holly in her new blanket:https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4lBQPk1QuhsSWvnpZPsUHa0pRfrQH4s29jFK6Y9x6OSRF1MdDPmXovosSDJpccCQ1eCaTDApGWwWuTt0d1rNvuD0YI3Ptv_-m4ggSMgpTwI1xTeo0n2As_394od_UsQauyLUleBe8Q=w2400
Julie and Wayne gave me this old blanket when they were in the process of moving to Kentucky back in 2004. This reminds me….. I have to get a note out to Julie…. It was 40 years ago she was selling real estate and first took me through the house that would be my home from 1978-1997. The $500.00 check to seal the deal was dated April 28, 1978.

The course of my life ended up being close to Julie and her family. It was Julie who helped me find my apartment in Lockport back in 1976 which got me out of the homestead and totally on my own. It was a move I needed to make. My mom was initially upset and I used to joke to Julie how mom would never forgive her for moving her little boy out on his own! Two years later Julie turned up a house which was again on the market after the sale fell through just around the corner.

My old house 1978. The 1975 Duster and 1976 Yamaha 500 on display.

The same house in 1990 with the siding removed and the original clapboard restored, and shutters added.

Viewing these pictures again brings back such happy memories. The good times we enjoyed at this address.

I had spent 1995 toying with the idea of relocating to Tuscaloosa. It was in November 1995 Julie and Wayne transferred south to the Tuscaloosa, AL plant.

It took till May of 1998 that I was able to follow Julie to Alabama. We attended College together in 2003. In early 2004 Julie transferred to Bowling Green, KY. August 2, 2004 was my first day on the job at Corvette Assembly joining Julie and a number of Tuscaloosa transplants.

I did not mean to go off on such a tangent from Holly’s new spot to some of my life history. It just seems there seems to be such a back story in the most mundane aspects of my life. I guess I’m kind of like “Brother Boy” when he has his thearpy sessions in the movie “Sordid Lives” who just keeps going off in all directions.

I left the house Friday morning around 9:00 a.m. for Atlanta. It is only some 200 miles and interstate the entire drive. Because of the construction in Birmingham I took the by pass around the city. East of Birmingham I realized traffic was backing up and I could see red brake lights ahead of me. DAMN! For the next 30 minutes it was stop and go. The worst part was half of this aggravation was on a “uphill” which is such a pain with a standard shift.

Stop and go traffic with the hill in the distance:


On the other side of the hill I could see the wreckage of a dulie truck and 5th wheel trailer being cleaned up.

Once into Georgia I pulled off at exit 5 for a DQ Blizzard. This will cover as a lunch. I only enjoy this kind of indulgence when I’m on the road.

Driving on the 285 around Atlanta is a nightmare under good conditions. Even at 2:30 in the afternoon it was stop and go.

It seems half the streets/roads in Atlanta are named “Peachtree.” The meeting hotel was at 5600 Peachtree Parkway NW, Peachtree Corners. My Garmin took me to 5600 S Peachtree St in Norcross just a mile away. I was able to tell the landscape company at this address was not my location!

Once I got to the hotel and saw my old friends congregating in the lobby the stress pretty much melted away. Although, the front of my legs were sore from the constant interaction between the clutch, gas, and brake petals.

Billy had arrived just before me. He pointed out the date was 4/20 and out room number was 420!

The Hyatt where we were staying was such a perfect location. This part of Atlanta is wall to wall sprawl so this hotel was close to everything. We found Ted’s Montana Grill for supper. This place looked familiar. I drove as Billy had the Honda Element packed full. I’ve driven around this area a bit so am “kind” of familiar with the layout. We had Bison Burgers which were out of this world. We sat at the bar which allowed us to interact with the waitstaff which was fun. Our bartender/waiter was a fun queen who had the best time dishing with us.

Billy and I both had items to pick up at Trader Joe’s. Leaving the restaurant, I realized why things were so familiar. I’ve been here before; Trader Joe’s was just a few stores away!
It was a short drive to the open house at Dave and Carol’s.

I was able to hear the restored Music Box. What a difference from before. I’m so pleased with the restoration.

This restoration inspired me to play around with making videos using the camera for the first time.

Here are two opera overtures as they would have been heard nearly 150 years ago:
“William Tell”

“Fra Divolo”

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April 24, 2018

I love the “after” look of your old house, that was a very nice job!

April 24, 2018

@thediarymaster Thank you…. I swore I would never do another total house restoration. Right…. ended up doing a repeat performance here in Alabama!