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This will be my first attempt of crossposting an entry:

Friend and diarist “Woman in the Moon” had this statement from her son on a recent entry, “when people get old(er) they have so much more to look back on that they get tired of trying to absorb new stuff.”

I was talking to Joe yesterday. The history we share. It was Joe who inspired me to get my first computer 20 years ago. Talk about having to absorb “new stuff.”

It was in the late 1980’s Ron had a “work at home” computer and printer from Kodak. This was long before the internet. This machine ran a programme called “Lotus” that Ron attempted to teach me. I was again a frustrated teen from 1966 trying to make sense of Algebra. That computer/operating system made no sense to me in my 30’s.

I was 45 when I purchased that first Gateway in January of 1998.  The computer world had sure advanced in ten years. It really was not until I had a basic computer class at the plant the full potential of that Gateway began to get tapped. Jump ahead in time to 2003 with me studying my first computer and HTML classes which opened up an entirely new universe.

I prefer to do my computer stuff on my desktop using a now obsolete ergonomic keyboard with my system hooked up to a laser B&W printer. A “Thank you” to Amazon. With a few mouse clicks I was able to ascertain that Brother printer/scanner was purchased September 24, 2007 at a cost of $158.99. I remember that order like it was yesterday.

I was so fed up with my old inkjet printer always clogging up. I was not using it enough to keep the cartridge heads clear. The way Word 2003 was set up envelope addresses were programmed to print off the colour ink cartridge. There would be so much ink wasted in cleaning off the heads and running the settings to get the clearest printouts. I had forgotten all about those printouts where the clearest numbered lines from the test sheet had to be programmed to the printer.  I was not printing much in colour so a plain black and white Brother laser printer/scanner fit the bill for me. With what I have saved in ink cartridges has more than paid for this old printer.

That printer has had a few bumps on the road which have needed attention. The internet has such a wealth of information. It was on a discussion board I learned how a foam cushion which was installed to deaden the sound of this sliding shaft assembly will get gummy over time and will cause this shaft to stick and mess up the paper flow. That was the problem I was experiencing. Digging into the machine I discovered the offending pile of goo, removed it. All is right with that printer now. I now hear a “click” when a sheet of paper is ready to feed through.  This is like a throwback to the farmers who could patch up just about anything with a bit of wire and baling twine.

A few years back I needed to replace my 20-year-old refrigerator. It was rusting out from the freezer door. It still worked fine but the thought of messing with that door was just too much. Doing research on the best replacement took me all over the net. The CBC programme marketplace

really informed me how in buying something as simple as a refrigerator “less is more.”

I feel like such a Luddite in how I use my I-phone. I know I am only scratching the surface with it what it can do. Making calls, taking pictures, and when I think of it, sending off texts is all I really need it for. Leroy nearly got us killed trying to use his phone as a GPS. I’ll stick to using my Garmin.

I love to get the reactions from people when I tell them I keep that phone stored in a holder on the wall where my landline used to be. I get constant messages on the thing to set up my “bill pay” and other invasive apps. My nerves just can’t handle it.

There is a skit on a Jack Benny radio show from the 1950’s where Jack was talking to Mr. Kissel. Mr. Kissel told Jack he had been researching for the longest time and realized things had advanced enough he was safe to get the newest model and he would be able to enjoy trouble free reception. Jack asked Mr. Kissel what brand of television he was going to purchase. Mr. Kissel replied, “Ho, Ho, Ho, I’m buying a radio!!”

Sometimes I really feel like I’m living life as Mr. Kissel. My laptop is indispensable to me as an auxiliary machine. I hate typing on it and I’m still more comfortable in using my desktop for my spreadsheets etc. The lack of apps on my screensaver is all the proof anyone needs. When traveling I’m always so relaxed to tune into the WI-FI and then pull up a Charlie Chan movie.

I’m not a total Luddite though. I discovered a new “scambaiter” on the Youtubes who is brilliant.


I think because I enjoy old time radio so much I can listen and appreciate these videos so. I play these as background as I do chores around the house.

The other night Holly joined me as I read in the front room. I think she was pretty relaxed….

I really try to keep abreast with the times but so much of those “bells and whistles” have little meaning to me. I can live without my cell phone turning on my lights or working the furnace.

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April 5, 2018

Thanks for the awesome walkthrough of your tech history, I really enjoyed that 🙂

One of the first computer programs I ever used was Lotus 1-2-3, that brought back some memories!

April 5, 2018

I’m even one behind you on the cell phone…no texting, no photos.  Very simple fridge too.  I had a heck of a time finding out when I bought the computer….7-2009.   It’s slow and cranky now, and when the panama trip is paid off, I will start a fund to replace this one with a windows 10 computer.


Videos:  You can often find me watching Salvage videos.  Deep ocean salvage that I find via G Captain or World Maritime News.  🙂