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One of the first things I do in the mornings is to check my E-mail. Google has a pretty good spam filter. I’ve noticed how my spam mail goes in cycles. Some weeks I’ll have my folder filled with subject lines with flashing emojis. They scare me and are totally ignored. The recent subject lines are now in how there are local women who want to meet me in Mesquite (Not sure if it is Texas or Arizona) along with unclaimed funds in said city.

The e-mail from women using all caps calling me horrible names for blocking them on “whats-up” (have no idea what that app is!) or to stop sending them my pictures is tapering off. About the only E-mail pictures I send through E-mail are of Holly!! Who would complain over pictures of such a sweet cat??

The scary mails are the ones from “Amazon”, “Pay-Pal’, or “E-bay” wanting you to click on links in the mails to “fix” or “update” your account or password. Those are the poison links that can destroy your life.

A pretty safe rule of thumb is to understand that mail is in your spam folder for a reason. Generally, you are pretty safe in deleting all that mail without ever opening. There have only been a very few instances where “good mail” has been misdirected to my spam.

A friend is working on his thesis and needs to interview people of my age who are retired. We should be getting together this afternoon. I have no idea what he is looking for but if I can help I’m glad to.

Just typing out the word “retirement” had me thinking of my sister who recently told me she had written out letters of resignation for three days in a row but never turned any in. My two sisters and I are so different from each other is it hard to believe we had the same parents. Growing up we witnessed how my dad and his brother were estranged from each other and what a rift it caused in the family. We pretty much made a pact we would not let that happen to us.

This “resignation sister” is of the personality type where her way is the only right way. She has bounced around in medical transcription jobs forever. No matter where she has worked everyone else is so stupid. She is the only competent person on site.  I lost respect for this sister when mom was dying. It was a Saturday night in December 1994. It was evident mom was going to die that evening. My two sisters and I were in the room with her. “Resignation sister” left at 6:30 as her daughter was singing in a choir for the High School XMAS Show. Mom died about an hour and a half after this sister left. I’m loathe to give parenting advice but I think to be with your dying mother would top being in the audience of a XMAS concert. It took every ounce of my self-control and reserve to accept her reasoning.

I could go on and on but this example pretty much sums it up. This sister lives nearly 1,000 miles away and other than blood we are really not connected. We keep in touch but truth be told I’m closer to my extended family than I am with my remaining blood family.

I pulled out my boxes of records to double check the date and found the cancelled check for $500.00 written on April 28, 1978 as the down payment on my Lockport house. Don’t tell me that transpired nearly 40 years ago. According to my old deed the closing was in July of 1978. It is hard for me to fathom I’ve lived longer now in Tuscaloosa than I did in my old Lockport house.

Let me wrap up this rambling entry with a Holly picture. I forgot I took this picture of Holly being the biggest help setting the table Sunday morning…..

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April 10, 2018

Holly is beautiful! I hate to say “those were the days”, but those were the days when you could make a down payment on a house with $500 🙂

April 10, 2018

@thediarymaster That old house was a “fixer upper” that did not show well and had some previous selling deals fall through. The property was “shopworn” by the time I got to see it at $16,500. which believe it or not was still a fair price at the time.  I lived there nearly 19 years. There were a lot of happy times in that old house..

April 10, 2018

You just flat out love pushing our buttons.  LOL

April 11, 2018

@georgette Thank you for the belly laugh!I nearly sprayed my keyboard with coffee!! LOL!!