Tuesday the 27th in New Orleans

The car was uncoupled from the Crescent and shifted through the yard during the night. I woke up feeling the bumps from the couplers. I was afraid the brake hose was acting up again. I did a quick trip to the rear of the car. I was the only one up and about. Went back to sleep. All was well and we awoke to being parked on the track the Thursday Crescent will be departing from.

Something was going on as police and security were everywhere in the station. Lovett said a bomb threat was most likely called in. I had no problem getting into the station to Subway for a coffee. We are on our own for meals when parked in the station like this. We will have two full days to explore New Orleans.

We all left the car and Steve got us a day transit pass. First stop was to the French market to the Café Du Monde to get café au lait and beignets. It was a chilly morning and we were all bundled up. Enjoyed our food in the tented patio area.

It was time to explore some of the shops. Rick and Nancy were on a mission to find this designer soap/lotion shop. I just tag along as there is absolutely nothing I need to buy. I did not even enter into one antique shop. New Orleans shops usually have too many “0’s” in their price tags anyway!

The store was on Royal street and was called Lush. This store had such positive energy. The song “Finally” was playing which immediately took me back to the movie “The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. The young clerk has so much personality and charisma. He had a mop of hair he was swinging around as he worked/danced to the music. This is not my kind of store but I bought some shaving soap. I thought it was for a shaving mug but it is a cream.

We explored around the French Quarter. Poor Nancy was scandalized when this man offered her some beads if she would show het tits!! She said to me, “Did I hear right? Did you hear what he said to me??” I had to laugh as I imagined what he had said and asked, “Don’t you want any beads??” We both got a laugh out of that!! LOL!!

We planned on taking a trip on the Natchez. There was no 11:00 a.m. sailing. Would have to wait for the 2:00 p.m. departure. It was getting on to find some food. I suggested “The Clover Grill” as a good place to eat. I love this spot.

On the way to the Clover Grill we found a “yarnbomb.” I had to take a picture. Granny Edna relates to the scammers as she rambles on how she yarn bombs with her knitting club….
Rich, Ian, and yarn bomb…


I love these water meter covers. They sell new castings in this design but the old worn down originals have so much character.


We backtracked to Bourbon St to the restaurant and all sat at the counter. I think the counter person was on alone and she was not in the mood to wait on tables! The signature dish here is hamburgers cooked under a 1957 Chevrolet hubcap.

I was bad and got eggs over easy, grits, chicken fried steak & gravy, and coffee. I just love this meal. Normally I don’t do “foodie pictures” but made an exception in this case.


A long time back I saw Ann Margaret performing in Birmingham in a production of “The Best Little Whore House in Texas.” One of the actors in this show wore a Clover Grill tee shirt in the show. I have always wanted one. I asked the counterperson if she had any for sale. She said “Yes, do you want a Clover Grill shirt or one like I’m wearing?” I answered I wanted one like hers!!!! (this is the same on that was worn in the show.)


Once I got settled up, I told this counterperson how she made my day. She replied.. “Better than a trip to Disney World.” I had to answer, “Oh dear God no.. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a red-hot poker then go to Disney World!” We both understood and laughed!!!

Ian and Rich went on their own while Nancy, Dennis, Steve and I headed back to the Natchez. Before each sailing there is a concert performed on the steam calliope. We found Bill and Lovett also waiting to board.

Front on view into the sun:


Bill was thrilled in one of the songs was the Coast Guard anthem. He sailed out of New Orleans as a member of the guard.

Steam calliope playing:


Once we boarded it was hard to find a spot inside as we did not get the buffet. The sunny west side of the boat was the warmest place to park.

The engine room was open so we all spent a lot of time here. It was toasty warm. It was so amazing to watch the engineer respond to the signals from the captain.


Once we docked Steve, Nancy, Dennis and I took a street car tour going through the garden district. Beautiful houses all lighted out for XMAS. We went to the end of the line and then returned getting off at Girod St. It was dark and nobody really wanted to head out to eat. We stopped by Rouses Market which was right on the way to the station. They had wine on sale at three bottles for $10.00. Rich and I had a running joke about “Winking Owl” wine. This will be right up our alley!

Got a ham & cheese Poboy for my supper.
It was an easy walk back to the station. Rich and Ian were waiting in the car for us. They also picked up supper at Rouses.

Here is the menu for our meals during the trip on the car:

Sat. 11/24: Snacks en-route to Washington; dinner ashore.
Cranberry blue cheese ball; hot and spicy pecans; Bill Wolfe’s stuffed mushrooms.
Sun. 11/25: Dinner on the car in or just after leaving Washington (6:30 PM departure)
Gorgonzola salad; garlic rosemary roasted chicken; Nancy Davis potatoes supreme; chocolate mousse cake

Mon. 11/26: Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the car
Breakfast: Fruit, baked eggs (Ingrassia or “Lovett’s special”), bacon, English muffins; oatmeal or Wheatena hot cereal option.
Lunch: Greek sandwich and soup
Dinner: NYC 3 House salad, Greek garlic chicken, Roasted veggies, ice cream
Tue. 11/27: Parked in New Orleans—all meals ashore
Wed. 11/28: Parked in New Orleans—all meals ashore
Thur. 11/29: Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the car
Breakfast: Fruit, pecan waffles, bacon and sausage; hot cereal option
Lunch: Pasta perfecto; baby asparagus sesame; cookies
Dinner: Spinach/pear/candied walnut salad; roast beef tenderloin with mushroom ragout; green beans Eleanor; New Orleans pralines

It is so good to be back into my routine. I have so many pictures of Holly sleeping on her register but it is her favourite spot to be in the winter. I was able to catch her in “mid stretch” this morning…


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