Did I really raise these little assholes?

Parenting a house full of entitled little assholes.

Am I the only one?

I have NO idea how they came about this way.

Entitled disrespectful rude children.

I need help and alot of it. To change the girls attitudes and outlook on things. I took all electronics away last night when they decided to bring up the topic of abortion. I am PRO-LIFE all the way 100% Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However I want it to be an informed opinion not just what you saw on TikTok or from friends. The fact that they sat there at said a fetus with a heart beat is just a clump of cells and its not murder because its not really a life. My heart just shattered in a million pieces. I cannot believe how heartless they can be. At 14 and 11. Where are you getting your information from? I volunteered at Life Care center their whole lives. It is something I am very passionate about. My husband lost his damn mind last night. I have not seen him get that mad in a very long time. The only time I feel abortion should EVER be acceptable is in an incest rape situation where a child would come out severe mental retardation and life long issues.  But even then I have a hard time.

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February 4, 2022

Pro-Lifer here too. 🙂