When will I have time to finally relax?!

I hate that I can’t log on here at least once every other day to at least keep up on my friends diaries. It kills me. I am just stopping in here to wish everyone well.

I am still in the process of moving. Decided to trade my car in this weekend as well. I needed an SUV.. Plus my car just reminded me of D every time I got into it. I probably shouldn’t have taken the higher car payment at this time but I needed something reliable.. and safer.

Fuck… I will miss my Turbo… bye bye 300 HP

My new ride is nice though.. I made some sacrifices but I have so much more SPACE!

Again, I hope you all are well. I promise once things settle down…. I will be back on this and catch up with you all.

I read this today… and it really clicked. I can’t remember who the quote is from.. but I did not write it.

“Look at the past with GRATITUDE, Look up with CONFIDENCE.. Look forward with HOPE.”

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