Fuck Fake Love

Went on a date with an Indian guy. 4 days later I realized I wasn’t that into him. Thank god it didn’t work out. Thank god everything is shut down. Dont know if I woulda had the guts to end it “just because.” I’m not lonely and I don’t feel the need to be tied to anything or anyone. I can make a choice now based on fullness and happiness. I don’t wanna be with anyone who isn’t contributing to my life!!! 🎇✨🔥He better be super amazing and contributing the hell into my life. Or at least be educating me about important things in life; into how to start a business, educating me about cultures, educating me about life. SOMETHING. Or giving me hella life and hella inspiration at the very least!! I’m glad it shed itself out.  I ain’t settling. I got big dreams and I need someone that will catch up!! Someone who won’t drag me behind. Been there done that. No thank you! Energy is everything to me and it better come with 100. 💯

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