u can tell he’s a dick

I got off the phone with him. My heart didn’t feel right. Something about his demeanor, his word choice, him bragging about that he’s “good at manipulating people” didn’t sit right with me. He looks like a toad. Or an ogre. Ogre-toad. A bit shorter than the average male. And much richer. But still, his personality is not someone I call a fun time to be around. If I imagine myself getting ready to go out on a date with him, I don’t feel one bit of excitement. Red flag 1. 🚩 I asked him questions about his childhood. I wanted to make sure I got the details of his childhood trauma. His parents were never home? Yea. Was he super independent from an early age? Yea. Was he lonely as a child? Yea. That’s not the worst part. The worst part were his “know it all” answers. Hush your mouth, unless you’re praising me. Red flag 2. 🚩 I’m Mr. so and so and I raised a few million dollars. Mostly by manipulating people. After all,  people don’t wanna part with their 100k unless you know how to spin it right. He bragged. But that’s the thing though, it doesn’t sound like bragging because he knows how to spin it right. People who have money don’t brag about it. But he’s different; insecure. But that’s not his worst quality. “I yelled in the face of my 12 year old,” he says, “I yelled at him because he was being an asshole.” That’s the worst part. Someone who can’t control their anger and blames it on others. Oh no, I’m not responsible for my feelings when others drive me to it. Ok, blame your lack of self control on a 12 year old kid. That was the worst part. That’s when it didn’t sit right with me. That’s when I felt a little green neon frog in my belly. It is because of that story. Why a frog you ask, because it’s telling me to hop the fuck off, away from this maniac. As far away as possible.

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December 5, 2020

Yep, run run!