Stop The Violence!

[I wrote this last night]

  • by C.McConnell

Loved ones are dying,
People are crying,
Hearts are breaking,
Mistakes we are making,
A fear is setting in,
Anger towards our friends,
A husband kills his wife,
A young child takes his life,
Where once was love,
Now there is hate,
Every discussion turns into a debate,
We point fingers and blame,
We bully and shame,
Is this who we are now?
Is this what we’ve become?
Is this truly the end?
Or has it only just begun?
Whatever happened to faith in mankind?
Now it just seems the world is lead by the blind,
We need to remember we were once great,
Remember what it’s like to have faith,
To reach out and help those in need,
To put a stop to all this hatred and greed,
We need to make a difference,
Not bury our heads in the sand,
Remember those who fought for this land,
We need to build a world of acceptance and tolerance,
We need to come together and stop all the violence!

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February 5, 2019

I just wish there was none of this violence and everyone just played nice.

February 6, 2019

@jaythesmartone you and me both