Ugh. I managed to survive another holiday without murdering someone. I don’t how I pull it off, I just do. No, you don’t get it. Twice this week I had RANDOM PEOPLE while I was *walking down the street* wish me a Merry Christmas. Just because I have a cane does not mean that I A- am some dottering old man that celebrates this damn holiday and B- that I will not take said cane and beat the ever living shit out of you. I kept thinking to myself "If one more person wishes me a merry Christmas, I’m going to shove a candy cane up their ass. One of the big ones, too." I think I’m going to stock up next year and just offer to shove one where the sun don’t shine if it happens again.

On Christmas Eve, well really early Christmas morning, the head honchos of my work were driving around passing out lunches/care packages to all of us working. Just some food and some water. While I’m okay with the thought, my wallet would prefer a bonus on my check, thanks.

I bought myself all of the Tremors movies (there are four, only the first two are worth watching, the third is funny but not good and let us not speak of the fourth one), the Tremors TV show (which is very mixed) and the soundtrack to *Scott Pilgrim VS the world* which is mixed as well. I also pre-ordered the 13th volume of *The Shinji Ikari Raising Project* manga, the 5th season of *The Venture Brothers* and the third *Rebuild of Evangelion.* Speaking of Evangelion, I think I’m going to start celebrating Shinji-mas; "He whined for your sins." But, nobody will get it. I also watched *Strike Witches* this week. I can get behind the idea of teenage girls flying around in magical plane-boots, I would rather they be wearing pants or even skirts. I guess putting them in skirts would reduce the amount of panty shots to an unacceptable level. I also tried to rationalize that they didn’t have skirts because there was cloth shortage due to the war. It didn’t matter, I still felt like a pedophile for watching it. I enjoyed it because it was funny and I enjoy the simplicity of Magical Girl anime. While I really like dark and serious stuff, the typical Magical Girl show is just so light hearted and fun that it’s a nice break from things. One of these days, I’m going to run a Magical Girl RPG and it will be awesome.

Well, I suppose I should watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, like I was going to yesterday. I need to watch it and the sequel so I can get more stuff from Netflix. I watched to watch them, as I hadn’t seen them in years. Unfortunately, they’re just as bad as I remember.

Have fun, space cowboys.

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