RIP, Relationship, Mini-Pill?

Yesterday, my ex grandfather in law passed away.  18 years having him as my grandpa, it wasn’t easy to see him go. 🙁
Tom text me the day before saying he was in Hospice and not doing well.  Then text and sad the doctor had just called giving him until yesterday morning.  So, kids and I headed over to the Hospice House to see him.  He woke up and we had a bit of a conversation, though like my grandpa was when he was passing, he was in and out of consciousness.  His lungs were filling with fluid, so sounded like my grandpa as well.  Those of you who read me in 2006 may remember my daily entries regarding my grandpa and the lung cancer he was battling.

I gave Ed 3 hugs, he hugged back, tightly.  I told him I loved him and how grateful I was for everything he’d done for me throughout the years, and told him to do what he needs to do.  He said okay…  I told him I’d see him later and he said yeah, and that was it.
While I was there, after I took the kids outside to my boyfriend, I went back in and called Ed’s daughter…my ex’s mom.  No one had told her.  I’m in BC Canada, she’s down in Washington.  So I called her and let them talk, she needed the chance to say what she needed to say.  I found it completely insensitive and I was actually disgusted that no one told her, to give her the option to say goodbye.  Alcoholic or not, that’s her dad. 🙁

As much as Tom and I don’t see eye to eye since separating, this is one thing we can relate on.  I know how it feels having lost my grandparents that raised me in 2006, and my mom in, well it’ll be a year in 2 weeks.  My heart hurts for him, just as it would and has for anyone going through something like this.  It’s anything but easy to process.  I’m still processing. :/

On another note, the kids and I have spent the past week here at Chances.  We have plans to move in together sometime during summer vacation while the kids are at Tom’s.  It’ll be easier that way.  No school interruptions and just easier to move while they’re with him too.
He’s my forever. <3  We’ve been together just over 6 months now and I’ve found in him the things I didn’t think were possible or real.  He’s also an amazing father and has taken my kids in as his own.  He’s done more with the kids since December than Tom had normally done with them in over a years time.  Gracie calls Chance daddy sometimes.  It’s sweet.
He’s my home.

Mini pill.  Anyone take these?  I’m late.  Pretty sure I’m not pregnant.  I was doing some reading that there’s a slight chance you don’t even get a period, has this happened to anyone?

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