Here goes nothing…

I have no answers as to how this could possibly help me. I’ve tried to journal my entire life. By that, I mean using an actual pen and paper and just let my heart lead the pen. That never lasted long. It seemed the only time I picked up a pen was when I was having a “bad day.” I didn’t like that. I didn’t like how even on my rare good days, I never stopped to take a moment and write it out. Maybe this will be different..

My friend at work goes to group meetings..she is a recovering alcoholic. They all sit in a circle and they say whatever they want to say, uninterrupted, non judged for two straight minutes. She said it doesn’t sound like it would be healing and helpful, but in fact it is. My friend says that it helps somehow for other people to just LISTEN. So maybe that’s what I’m thinking. Ugh, there I go second guessing myself again.. Anywho, I’m guessing that knowing someone may or may not read what I write will somehow help me to begin my healing process.  I certainly don’t want to reveal my indentity, I think that would just send my anxiety into a frenzy. But the thought of someone being able to read my thoughts, emotions, my heart, just sounds so strangely peaceful to me.

I told my friend about this site that I found, and that I’ve found one woman on here who has me absolutely fascinated by her story. Kelli, that’s my friends name..thinks it would be a good idea if I did this too. If I shared my story with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, here goes nothing.


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