A tiny update

Sometimes it’s hard for me to write every day. I feel like my days are sort of a smash of hours that I’m trying to do things in, but really I’m just exhausted and taking naps a lot. I have severe anemia and I don’t want a blood transfusion and iron isn’t really working. I don’t know. I need to call my doctor next week and make an appointment.

So anyway, I figured I’d write a quick blurb about what my life is like right now. You already know my extreme fatigue issues lol. I am still married, but it’s not a very good one. Not gonna elaborate, but it’s a right terrible mess.

I have 4 children, all boys. I want one more, but unless I can somewhat fix the mess of my marriage, last baby will not happen. I am a stay at home mom, which is a blessing because my sons are 16, 14, 5 and 2… the age range is a mess, and the amount of driving I do just to get them to and and from school is enough to make me not have any time in my day for my naps as it is, imagine if I had to work right now?! Eek!

Ummm, just purchased my first home about a year ago. It was a new build and it’s almost exactly what I’ve always wanted, minus us living in an HOA controlled hellfest with no front yard and a tiny tiny backyard (but it works, I’m very happy with it)… I even know some of my neighbors and I really don’t want to, but they are ok. My children have thoroughly “lived” in it and we need to paint all the walls and replace the carpet… but that’s not happening until they are all at least over the age of 6… and even then it’s probably a terrible idea.

Ummmm… not sure what else to say. I’m still writing but I haven’t put out the second book in my zombie series. I’m scared to. I have it mostly edited but I’m just scared of not doing as well as the first one did. I’m ridiculous.

My stomach is growling.

Time to go scrounge for food and clean! Wheee!

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October 26, 2017

Four boys at those ages has got to be beyond exciting!

October 26, 2017

I’m with the DM. FOUR? Is the new house still standing?

October 26, 2017

I have one daughter and I am exhausted. You’re my hero!! Marriage is really hard. 🙁

October 26, 2017

It is SO natural to worry that a second book won’t do as well. And, unfortunately, each one will feel that way. Yet you’ll see that the second may not only do as well, but it may do better, plus it will kick up sales on the first. That you can write AND raise four boys is nothing short of a miracle.

October 27, 2017

A heck of a lot to do in your days. Four boys!… one very hyper girl was enough for me.

January 31, 2018

I hope you put out that second book. I enjoyed the first one.