And then I tried to plan a trip online…

You’d think… with all this goddamn technology… that I could plan a simple trip, including stops and such, with a simple program. NOPE. It’s like trying to decipher a secret goddamn code. These apps and sites have like one or two things I want and then completely mess it up by not having something else essential. I actually found one that would be perfect. It calculates your day of driving, adds in stops based on your preferences, and allows you to just click on the map and look for lodging or food etc… BUT… omg BUT…. it’s a pain in the ass to edit simple things like starting time and ending time. I just don’t understand. SOMETHING THAT SIMPLE. So instead of just having an easy go it’s like… I have to make a new trip every time I discover a mistake and grrrr. The site is so slick… BUT NO MOBILE APP… you just export the map to google. WELL WHAT I NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING MID TRIP?! ugggggggggggh.




it’s consumed my day. I didn’t fold my laundry. CALAMITY.

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June 8, 2018

I’d be frustrated too. What a pain.