Hello cut and paste, how I love thee

you know what OD. don’t FUCK WITH ME DAMN IT. yeah, if i hadn’t cut and pasted this, i’d have lost it. not that it’s really… anything worth getting mad over. but GOD DAMN IT.

i don’t need this today.

carry on.


Hello, it’s Wednesday.

I just paid 500 bucks for car insurance. Someone SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD NOW. I gotta go transfer money from my savings. Pardon me while I keel over and DIE.

Glad that’s over with.


So… I don’t know quite the point of this entry just yet.

Let me stew on it.

I think my computer has a virus. It’s doing weird ass shit.


I gotta go get my kids dressed so we can run errands. Pretty pretty errands. errands with sugar and cream. errands with rosebuds and whiskey.

Or something.

I don’t know.

It’s going on the second day of not talking to Carlos. I don’t know why. We are on “good” terms right now. Feeling… closer… or… whatever. But I guess not. He just doesn’t want to hear my disappointment when he flakes on his responsibility again. It’s a long story but I’ll shorten it with, wednesdays were supposed to be “daddy day”s and that happened once.

it was the cutest thing too cuz i came home and he was laying in the middle of the floor sleeping with jacob on his chest. and i got all teary. sorta like the day we went to the park and I watched him play with the boys at the playground. just perfect and so right. except, he is as scared of it as a cat is to water. and even though he can handle it and handle it well, he seems to cling to being “his own man” with nothing and no one to answer to.


I have a big patch of gray hair now. hooray. *blink blink*

Jacob won’t stop whining.

can the joy of this entry never end?!!!

Happy thoughts are in limited supply. Check back tomorrow. We’ve got a shipment coming in.

I made brownies to take to work. I want to eat the whole pan. But I’ll refrain and eat NONE till later.

The lakers suck a wild boars butthole.

Ummmm, what else. Well… I’m gonna attempt calling my husband again.

I hate this shit.

Who in the world has to deal with this wh en their husband isn’t a soldier at war, a big wig business man or a goddamn fool.

Oh wait, my husband just might be a goddamned fool. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m gonna go brush my teeth.

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June 16, 2004

who is “his own man”? hahahha

June 16, 2004

Damn him. You rock. He needs to learn that NOW.

June 16, 2004

his own man better kick his own man’s ass. 😛 I’ll take some brownies, and hun- $500 is cheap- I pay $750 🙁

Sometimes, men just SUCK! (and not the way we want them to) *giggles* Hope things start to get betta! =)

June 16, 2004

eat them all! Join me in self pity!!!!

June 16, 2004

SO how many brownies did you eat??? I want brownies!!! PMS woman over here needs brownies!!! LOL (((HUGS))) Shayla Rae ~:)

*hugs* <3 Annie-Rae

June 16, 2004

i hope things get better and you start talking again

June 16, 2004

He needs his head forcibly extracted from his ass.

i hope you talk to him soon

June 17, 2004

show me a man who is his “own man” and I’ll show you a liar liar pants on fire! can I have a brownie???

You made BROWNIES!!!!! I want BROWNIES!!! I LOOOOVE BROWNIES!! *gives you a wedgie*

June 21, 2004

i swear if i run away from my husband, i’m coming to see you, then kicking ass all over the place, then coming back home and kicking dh’s ass. yeah, it’s like that. fo shiggity.