Hollysims House! (so far)

Ok! So… here is what I have accomplished with the house. My dimensions are ALL WRONG. so I know I"ll have to tweak it a bit. But I’m mainly posting these so Holly can tell me what to change or what she likes and such and so and such and so!

Ok… so thats sorta what the floorplan she drew for me looked like. But it’s HUGE. i mean that center room is the BATHROOM and it’s HUGE. hahahhaha. so I’ve gotta fix it, sims have to have sorta huge houses so that they can move around, but damn, that bathroom could hold 3 baths, 4 showers, 5 sinks and a jacuzzi.

hahahahah. unless. you want all those things H… then I’ll leave it huge!

this is a view of like the front room from teh porch (which is on teh second story for realism. ha ha) now i took liberties to add the table and chairs, cuz sims need those! but you can see the cute food bowls for Fin and Jetty and i have another view of the kitchen… right here:

I’m sure that’s not exactly how your kitchen looks, H… but sims need certain things, like lots of coutner space… but i like it. And see, I put some bread and cheese in the corner (i know you REALLY love that combo *wink*)

This is a room right next to the kitchen she labeled as a room with a washer and a dryer and clothes… and stuff. ha, so i put that in there. the "washer and dryer" are actually counters (since sims dont’ ahve those really) but i think they are cute!

this is what i have of the room so far. a bed for holly. a bed for Fin. But I have a lot more colors to  choose from..

oh… and this!

it’s her closet! ha ha… you can almost see hollysims UNDIES. muahahahahha… i wish my closet was that neat.

this is like the living room area. I put a few couches and a few beds for holly to look at, though it’s not a good angle and you can’t really tell anything! ha ha!

and that’s it.

tell me what you think so far! and it’ll be cuter!

holly i need walls and flooring and stuff too. har har!

i love my simmies!


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October 20, 2006

oh my god i’m laughing so hard. that’s awesome. okay the dining room table looks like a pea on a drum here and at home it’s in this kind of extention of the room (it’s shaped like an L) and has about 2 feet space on either side hahhaa. one thing that needs correcting: did i see pink and green clothing in my closet? haha. everything i own is black white or grey. ahahhahah cheese sandwiches!! *runs*

October 20, 2006

ryn: Two grey and white cats, Joey and Papa. Papa only has three legs but I’ll bet they don’t let you do that. Carter is the third cat and she is orange black and white. Gozer is the little rat terrier, white with black head, and Django is mostly brown and black, medium sizes. That would rock if they let you cut Papa’s leg off. Heh.

OMG I need this game lol I’m going to go get it next week! <3 Annie-Rae

October 20, 2006

those closets are so nice!

October 20, 2006

i think you have a great future in interior design!!!!!!

October 20, 2006

is everyone addicted to SIMs? i feel as though i’m missing out!!!

October 20, 2006

Hehe, that’s great hun. Hope the design works out just how you want it. Take care. 🙂