i’m not ok

I can’t talk right now, and that sorta sucks.

Oh well.

Hrm. so. yeah.

what to talk about.

I thought I had something to say. and I sorta did do, but i don’t not.

har har.

it’s just the same ole same ole “my husband makes me cry” shit.

I don’t really have a husband.

and it’s sad cuz it’s more like I”m imprisoned. I have all these stupid dreams. How I want to have another baby in a more… ummmm “normal” way, with the joy and the wantedness and all that. I won’t get to have that. cuz my “husband” won’t come near me and probably won’t want to have any more kids with me anyway.

and instead of having the hope of somoene else i’m just stuck in a pit.

now i don’t think that all of this is happening out of the blue. my choices, my life. all that jazz.

but i’m still sad.

so stuff that in a pipe and smoke it long and hard.

jacob’s new word is waffle and bubble.

he stinks.

i guess i should go change his diary.

you can thank this “non entry” to being sick and having diaper children.

bru ha ha.

snoo haa haa.

nibble bibble wee bop.

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{{{hugs}}} See you Sunday!!! *shuffle*

October 15, 2004

*hug* can you set yourself free to find someone who treats you liek the special perosn you are? Oh hun, feel free to email or IM and tell me what happened!!

October 15, 2004

Aww, I’m sorry šŸ™ *hugs*

October 15, 2004

Miss you :*( Cheer up Hun. At least you have 2 beautiful children all to YOURSELF !!!!! šŸ˜› Kasey

October 15, 2004

you’re not stuck anywhere and you know it. you can get out if you’re strong. and you are strong, i know this.

October 15, 2004

it’s not too late to call the bloody immigration services on his arse??? Infact… I’ll do it fer ya if you like??? I know I know…. I’m full of shite.

*HUGS* Threaten him with divorce I bet he’ll change his act quick lol <3 Annie-Rae

October 19, 2004

*big hugs* Y’know, maybe this will sound lame, but maybe you should hear it anyway: you are a really great person. Funny, pretty, entertaining, good-hearted. If I knew you in real life, I’ve no doubt that I’d make up excuses to talk to my good buddy, even if she is the bride of Chaos (in more ways than one). Take care. Nice to have you back. šŸ™‚

October 20, 2004

(((HUGS))) I hope everything gets better for you soon! I miss you girl!!! Shayla Rae ~:)

talk to me anytime