Kim the Sim! and other random pics….

As fun as it is to post these from work, it’s easier to do at home. So first, I present two holly sim pics that I forgot I took. One of Fin destroying her SECOND trash can. (heh heh) and one of Fin in her bed. I forgot to take finished shots of the house… bah!

hee hee…

Yes… that is Holly eating RAMEN!!! ha ha….

Ok, so now my Kim Sim.

I almost did a few of the new ones, but I knew I’d be up till 2 in the morning, and that’s just not a good idea.

so with much pride i present Kim the Sim

sorry, i couldnt’ resist…

I hope she likes it…. *eek*

The Family….

I love how she’s giving him rabbit ears. so classically good…

Kim didn’t want any animals. ha ha, but i shall give her a deluxe fishtank! (and i changed the hair…)

Ahhhh, relaxation by the fountain…

yes, i tried to make a little "photo shoot" area, but it wasn’t coming out right. so this was the only pic i got. ha ha

A Close Ups…(I thought I had a better pic. hmmm, *grumble* oh well… there will be more, better pics for sure!)

Here is Richard… in all his glory (i couldn’t resist a crazy pic of him)

ha ha! ok, a "better" one…

I"m not sure I can capture his "essence" In a sim. anyway… here is one of him holding the ever so cute Dickie!

And yes, I used Sims Genetics technology for him. So… that’s an actual "similized" version of what their baby would look like =)

Here is Kim Holding Dickie…


Ok… so Here are the boys…


and here is Anthony…

okay… and some just for fun stuff…

Pillow fight!


Kim is Rapping Yo… I have many of these….

hee hee. Ok… and one last one… a primping sexay Kim…

hahahah, somehow, i think i get better shots. oh well.


Anyway, and just for fun, here is the family portrait of me and my boys and our doggy woggy…

Ok, I must go to bed. I must. Damn it.

Enjoy the simalicious wonder!

More to come!

cuz i’m just that bored and crazy!

Yay for bored and crazy!!!!!



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lol. strange you are. πŸ˜€ Chris

October 24, 2006

very, very cute!

October 24, 2006

Haha! These were great!

what Sims are you playing. I have Sims 2 and it doesn’t have those neat fountains or anything. I haven’t played in a while though…my computer is messed up.grrrr

October 24, 2006

yea for SIMS!! they come out so realisticly!!

October 24, 2006

These are awesome!

Ha ha – great stuff! Keep ’em coming! πŸ™‚

WOO! They Rock!!!! <3 Annie-Rae

Hahaha.. Was I… dancing??? πŸ™‚ Anthony should be… umm.. heftier. LOL

I love Sims!!!